Arturia FX Collection 3 Features 26 Audio Production Effects

Arturia has released FX Collection 3, the latest expanded version of its production plugin suite.

FX Collection 3 is a suite of audio production plugins, combining enhanced emulations of classic studio hardware with modern effects. FX Collection 3 now includes 26 effects, from classic studio distortion units to granular processing, along with over 800 presets, A/B comparison, and a wealth of workflow enhancements.

Here’s what’s new in FX Collection 3:

  • Dist TUBE-CULTURE – get lifelike tube warmth with this “modern distortion classic”, designed to be perfect for breathing life and crisp color into any sound – from soft saturation to fizzing crunch.
  • Dist OPAMP-21 – The original ‘go direct’ guitar pedal turned studio cult classic, enhanced for your virtual studio; instant amp-like harmonic detail or high-gain crunch. Choose your op-amp flavor.
  • Efx FRAGMENTS – Explore glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, experimental textures, and beyond with next-level granular processing. Divide, transform, and rebuild any sound.
  • Tape MELLO-FI – Sprinkle lush lo-fi vibes over any sound with this vintage tape warmth plugin inspired by the legendary Mellotron keyboard.
  • Oversampling – Both Dist OPAMP-21 and Dist TUBE-CULTURE feature variable oversampling, letting you choose between two modes prioritizing either supreme audio quality or lower CPU usage.
  • A/B comparison – Quickly compare, copy, or bounce between two distinct configurations of an effect, whether it’s an existing preset or your own custom settings.
  • Improved interfaces – Enjoy streamlined performance, easier preset browsing, smoother loading times, and more thanks to interface overhauls for every title in FX Collection 3.

Pricing and Availability

FX Collection 3 is available now, with an intro price of $299 (normally $399) through Wednesday, July 7th.

4 thoughts on “Arturia FX Collection 3 Features 26 Audio Production Effects

  1. $69 for V2 owners. Tape MELLO-FI was gifted.
    So two plugins for update and two platform features.
    Not much, but seems like Arturia wants more money – one moth afte VC9 launch.

  2. My upgrade price is $29. Already have MelloFi and Fragments. I suppose that’s a fair price for a DI box and some dirt.

  3. I used to run drum machines through the SansAmp a long time ago, made them nice and crunchy. And love MelloFi, it’s nice for vintaging a sound.

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