25+ Ways To Get More From The Moog Mavis Synthesizer

In his latest video, Ben ‘DivKid’ Wilson takes a look at 25+ ways to get more from the Moog Mavis synthesizer.

Video Summary:

“Want to add CV control to a wavefolder? Modulate the symmetry or a folder? Explore an underused harmonic treat with PWM? Or even turn your envelopes into oscillating wave shapers? Well, strap in!

In this video we’ll explore patches to expand your semi modular synthesisers. Looking at more advanced patching to further your synthesis and sound design. We’ll be exploring these patches with the Moog Mavis but these patches can be applied to other semi modular gear, fully modular systems or with software.”

The video features lots of tips for getting more out of the Mavis, and also does a great job of demonstrating the synth’s sonic range.

Topics covered:


00:00 Hello & patch previews

02:13 What are we doing in this video?

03:08 Mavis feature run down

06:15 CHORUS/PHASER PAD // Lisa Bella Donna patchbook

06:54 Duophonic Mavis – beautiful!

08:37 A modulation foursome!

09:49 FOLDING BASS // patch overlay

10:07 Expand the wavefolder with CV control

11:28 Adding symmetry modulation to the wavefolder

12:46 Bonus PWM fold tones tip

13:14 Even BETTER (+ modulate-able) wavefolding

15:16 FOLDABLE KICK DRUM // patch overlay

15:46 Hack a high pass! Turning the low pass filter into a high pass

17:10 Sub oscillator creation from the LFO

18:06 FM PLUCK // Mavis exploration patchbook

18:19 Envelope Generators as oscillators and wave shapers

19:49 Turning Mavis into a unique STEREO voice

21:18 WHO NEEDS A SEQUENCER ANYWAY? // patch overlay

21:33 Audiorate PWM – a harmonic TREAT!

23:02 Quirky digital overtones from musical audio rate PWM

23:56 ALL ABOARD THE TRIP SHIP // Mavis exploration patchbook

24:32 YOI vocal synthesis from sample & hold

25:52 Patching a noise oscillator and clean sine waves

27:19 BUZZ SAW // patch overlay

27:55 Pitch tracking downsampling – aliasing style

29:20 Dancing filters and dual oscillators

30:14 TOUGH GUY BASS // Mavis exploration patchbook

30:45 Mavis as a processor for FX

32:16 Getting weird with FM

33:20 DETUNE DUAL SQUARE // patch overlay

33:33 Mavis as a back end for other synth voices

7 thoughts on “25+ Ways To Get More From The Moog Mavis Synthesizer

    1. It doesn’t get more “complete package” than this. It comes with a eurorack style case with power adapter, decksaver style cover, 5 patch cable. The patch books and other feature rich resource material will put to shame 2k$ synths.

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