Moog Intros $349 Mavis Analog Semi-Modular Eurorack Synth Voice

Moog Music today introduced Mavis, an all-in-one semi-modular analog synth voice in Eurorack format.

Mavis is a DIY synth (no soldering required) that offers an affordable, but powerful, synth voice, with classic Moog sound. It can be used as a standalone synth, or removed from its case to be used as a 24-point CV-controllable 44HP Eurorack module.

Mavis brings new sonic capabilities to Moog’s palette of Eurorack systems.

The compact synth features Moog’s archetypal oscillator and filter circuits, but also features a diode wavefolder, the first analog wavefolder to appear on a Moog instrument. Combining traditional subtractive synthesis with additive wavefolding means that Mavis takes the traditional Moog sound into new territory.

With Mavis, users of any skill level can quickly build an analog synthesizer, with minimal tools and experience. No soldering is required. Once the instrument is built, Moog introduces you to the synth’s capabilities through a selection of patch books and educational materials, designed to encourage creative patching and sound design.


  • 24-Point Patch Bay: Mavis features a useful collection of utilities and flexible control voltage routing.
  • Full Range Analog Oscillator: Mavis’s Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with pulse-width modulation (PWM), waveform mixing, and mod source mixing delivers rich harmonic character and motion.
  • Voltage Controlled Filter: Sculpt your sound with the -24dB Moog Low Pass Ladder Filter, delivering the sonic power behind the distinct sounds of Moog basslines and leads.
  • Audio Rate LFO and 4-Stage Envelope Generator: Mavis uses crossfaders in its modulation routing instead of switches, allowing you to blend between a variable shape LFO and 4-stage envelope generator, for interesting and unusual modulation contours.
  • Wavefolding and Modular Utilities: Mavis features Moog’s first-ever wavefolding circuit, allowing for additive synthesis to sit alongside traditional subtractive synthesis, and features a broad modular utilities section, complete with attenuators, offsets, mults, and a flexible DC-coupled mixer.
  • Patchable Sample and Hold (S+H) Circuit: This circuit generates a random CV pattern that can be patched to modulate other parameters, including setting Mavis into a “random sequencing” mode of performance.
  • Protective Cover: Mavis includes a fitted protective cover for use during studio downtime or taking your instrument on the go.
  • Seamless Configuration with Eurorack Systems & Moog’s 60HP Semi-Modular Synths – In 44HP, the synthesizer offers two oscillators, full ADSR, ladder filter, sample and hold, wavefolding, attenuators, mixer, mults, and much more.

Moog Mavis Audio Demos:

A Nod to Moog’s DIY Beginnings

Moog notes that Mavis isn’t the first DIY instrument from Moog – in fact, the company was built on the build-it-yourself kit.

In 1949, a teenage Bob Moog discovered a copy of Electronics World that featured an article with details on how to build an electronic musical instrument at home. Shortly after, he built his first model of the instrument, a theremin, from plans published in the magazine. By 1953, Bob and his father established R.A. Moog to market and sell theremin kits out of their home in Queens, NY.

With the release of Mavis, Moog celebrates its roots by providing the end user with the unique experience of constructing their own instrument. Every Mavis is custom built and hand assembled—like the instruments Bob Moog built years ago and the synthesizers and theremins that Moog’s employee-owners assemble by hand to this day.

Pricing and Availability:

The Moog Mavis synthesizer is available now for $349 USD.

78 thoughts on “Moog Intros $349 Mavis Analog Semi-Modular Eurorack Synth Voice

    1. Kind of like the price of your average eurorack VCO, plus a ton of patch points, plus keys(buttons) to input notes, plus an enclosure/power adapter to unrack it. Price is spot on when you look at it like a eurorack module.

      1. You can’t compare Moog’s prices to what boutique eurorack makers are charging though.
        Moog has their distribution, production etc all worked out so well that they could’ve easily sold this cheaper and still make a massive profit. We’re paying mostly for the name with this product I think.

      1. I guess you misinterpreted to comment, I think his reference was to the pricetag and what you are getting at the end of the day and not to the fact that these “sub-level” devices is still missing certain features, that would be considered basic standard today.

        1. Yes, this ain’t the Moog of even a couple years ago. They are going to price themselves out of this ‘Burden’ economy.

  1. strange timing — after employees stage a protest to demand better pay, they decide to remove them from the process and ship direct to consumer?

    1. lol – do you really think a company can design something like this and have it ready to ship in volume, with the current supply constraints, in less than 6 months to a year?

      1. I am sure they had this in the works, but it feels like a middle-finger to them. like replacing fast-food workers with self-serve kiosks when they demand a better pay! a passive-aggressive move, to send a signal. anyways, if I was one of those employees this is how I would have felt as the first major news after that protest event!

    2. To have production quantities available now, this product would have been designed in 2021. I’m not sure how you envision products popping into existence, but Moog assembly workers are still required to test and package each unit before shipping them to stores or consumers.

    3. Let’s hope. None of those people in the protest picture look very engaged or concerned about their customer base. A $350 greenhorn engineering exercise? No thanks.

  2. with $350 I’d rather get “East Beast” or “West Pest”, and still have $100 in my pocket for a Softube VST and a steak dinner.

    1. 20 years reading comments of people compering synths, still think it’s nonsense, will you compere classic guitar to acoustic?
      You just fooled to do the brands advertising competition…

    2. I picked up an East Beast yesterday, its dope! I want to try this Mavis though too and the West Pest when it comes out. Typhon was mentioned, if they did a eurorackable typhon I would be super tempted too lol

      1. it’s so funny to me when people use the word unskilled like that. like ego much. their jobs are not easy, there is really no such thing as unskilled labor. if you had to learn something in order to do your job you have a skill and are not unskilled.

  3. This really looks like an upgrade to the Werkstatt 01 with a better chassis, sample and hold, and full ADSR. I wish the patch-bay was on the other side as the most likely way that I would use it would be above or below one of my other Moog semi-modulars. Maybe in a live setup side by side would be okay.

    1. I’m guessing that because both the Mother 32 and the Werkstatt had AD envelopes with a switch for sustain that full ADSR is just that. This also has a switch for sustain. That is a bit confusing to me. Does the SR of the full ADSR not provide for infinite sustain?

      1. The sustain switch on the other synths turns on full, note held sustain. The decay is often tied to the release and they share the same settings and knob. You can usually set the VCA to gate mode where it only follows a typiclal organ on-sustain-off envelope.

    2. oftentimes, a small, single oscillator synth like this will only have controls for release or attack and release. For example, every 303 clone ever. What they are saying is this synth features full control over the ADSR envelope.

  4. I have no issues with critiques of the labor policies of any business, although I do think it’s a bit amusing that people think this is a direct response to recent distress given product development timelines.

    That said, the dry sound recordings are actually pretty stunning. Excellent immediacy in the sounds. I’m all full up on synths for awhile, but I’d definitely love to give one of these a spin sometime.

  5. Wow… I don’t know if there is something special about my Audio system… but Sheesh! This unit sounds REALLY good on these SoundCloud clips!!!!

    1. Ditto!….different sound but at the same quality level.

      Guess the “hype” its just because the “mooog” name on it. Imho

    1. For $349 i could buy an entirely different instrument and have money left over to buy yet another instrument which is also not this one and still have time left over to write this comment under every single Synthtopia post.

  6. So, how many did they make and how many will sell? I have no magic mirror for it all, so I envision a solid core of people who will be glad to have the flexibility. I stamp my tiny hooves over most one-oscillator designs as too limiting, but the Eurorack form sorta sidesteps that issue. You’re going to be doing a lot of gozintas. There will always be people who just love the Moog voice.

  7. Pass! I don’t know who is head of product devlopment at Moog, but they need a good slap. What I want Moogies, is a M32 form Minimoog. The kits are out there on the web, so don’t tell me it can’t be done. Get with the program. Or get left behind.

    1. That will be consider by most as redundant, boring and unimaginative. I’m happy Moog are not trying to be just another crowed pleasure brand.

  8. no MIDI, no processor; makes sense. although, it seems rather short sighted to make it 44HP, when at 42HP we could have stuffed TWO into a 19inch; then I could have at least replaced the M32’s with these. as it is, I have no use for this – already have 11 Moog synths that fit.

    not to mention ‘stick pots’? give me a break, or better yet a ‘random’ setting instead. it’s almost the same. stick pots are stupid.

    1. “In this day and age” everything new is much more expensive or unavailable.
      Considering oscillators are usually summed together to make one waveform this one oscillator section with waveform mixing, mod-sources mixing and wave-folding seems flexible enough to output more colors and harmonics than a standard 2x oscillators synth.

  9. Why does it seem like every comment is about the price of everything. I’m starting to feel too upper-class for this forum and I aint even rich. Can we go back to evaluating gear on the merits of the gear? I remember coming here to read critiques and suggestions for alternatives I didnt know about and debates on different features and different use cases for gear. Now its, I need midi and a sequencer s this is a Mother32 but I still want it at the Mavis price. I only still read the comments hoping for the good ol days of Synthtopia, that one comment that makes you think. Its rare. Cant tell if its the economy or the culture.

    1. “Why does it seem like every comment is about the price of everything. I’m starting to feel too upper-class for this forum and I aint even rich. Can we go back to evaluating gear on the merits of the gear?”

      Isn’t price part of “…merits of the gear?”

      1. I’m pretty sure you know what im saying and i expected this response so get creative. Its like judging a girl only on her looks. I’ve been coming to this site for a long time, its definitely changed. Like all the music douchebags learned the internet or something, its weird. If price is the only way to judge music gear then you’re broke, work on that instead of your typing skills. Price should be included in the conversation but not the entire conversation. Only thing that kept me from getting this was its size, otherwise i have multiple uses for this that would take about 3 eurorack modules which would definitely cost more unless all three were 2hp modules.

    2. Randy

      There are a handful of commenters that seem to hate the idea of buying something American. All they do is complain about prices or hype Behringer.

      Multiple people have pointed out that TimS, in particular, does this. TimS has never left a positive comment about any of the many great American synths, and only says anything positive about Behringer knockoffs. It seems like a strange compulsion.

        1. About the Pro 3, you complained about the price:

          “Great synth. I wish I could afford it.”

          About the Take 5, you shared this brilliant comment:

          “Take 5, isnt that a candy bar?”

          The facts don’t lie.

          Your comments either shit on American synth companies, they complain about the price of any synth that isn’t a Behringer, or they hype Behringer.

          It’s sad that you devote yourself to this, because your comments aren’t even intelligent critique.

          1. Aaand of course, you’re trying to say what I did not.

            Regarding the Pro 3, it is a great synth. I wish I could afford it. That’s not complaining about the price. That’s saying it’s a great synth, but I can’t afford it.

            Also, I was certainly not the only one who raised an eyebrow with the Take 5 name. The Take 5, by the way, is a great synth.

            My comment on the news of the new Prophet 5 release:


            Will the new Prophet 5 be preferable to the Prophet 6? If so, why?”


            I owned a Dave Smith Instruments Mopho keyboard and a Moog Source, both American, both great synths.

            I am also a fan of Dave Smith’s (RIP) influence/products over the last 40+ years. This was my comment about Dave:

            “Dave Smith just oozes synth cool.”


            For many years, my dream synth was and still is a Prophet 12.

            Your comment:

            “Your comments either shit on American synth companies, they complain about the price of any synth that isn’t a Behringer, or they hype Behringer.”

            This isn’t nice to say nor is it fair. I currently own Korg (2), Alesis, Yamaha, and Roland (2) keyboards and a Behringer Neutron, Model D, and Odyssey. I don’t only use and “hype” Behringer synths. I do, however, happen to like the Neutron a lot, and the Model D and Odyssey cover a lot of famous sonic territory. I am not a collector. I am far more concerned with what I can afford and what I can do with a synth rather than who made it.

    3. it is not about the price. there are “basic” VST plugins that cost several times the price of this. not talking about Omnisphere or bundles, just one single basic Synth plugin.

      there are have 4hp Eurorack modules that cost 4~5 times the price of this while having 1/5th of the features.

      I do have a couple of those and very happy.

      again, it is not about the price. not even about the product, but the management behind the company.

      let’s be honest: this Mavis thing is very cool as a gift idea for a kid aged 8-12, 12+ would benefit from Behringer, AKAI, Elektron, Novation, etc.

      but Moog’s strategy was to have this “toy” marketed toward serious SynthHeads by giving it to all the synthfluencers with serious YouTube channels.

      to see them all fawn over this, was so cringe, I felt embarrassed for them that they have to sink so low and shill so hard for a slice of that YouTube Algo money.

      like “OMG look what do we have here” … even highlighting that “Wavefolder” is a feature of “WestCoast Synthesis” and name dropping Buchla!

      that’s why the reference to WestPest was mentioned, to put it into context. like you want WestCoast synthesis? let’s see how it stacks up again WestPest.

      in my opinion, and again, just my opinion, this product release shows how little a company thinks of the average synth enthusiast. milking “that classic Moog filter” for how many more times? Moog is in the same league as Apple and TeenageEngineering. not regarding the quality of their products, but their ethos regarding their customers. — “they will buy anything we throw at them, just slap a logo on it, and to stick it to them, let’s make it tinier, more limited, and intentionally crippled”. even M32 and DFAM were intentionally crippled to not have some basic features.

      Moog management is tarnishing the legacy of the man, and they treat their employees like dirt while misleading their customers to believe the exact opposite, and I am not talking about those employees who are deprived of having a living wage after a month of hard work — FYI they fired a 17year Moog veteran who was hired by Bob Moog himself without any notice, and not even a chance for her to say goodbye to her colleagues, all in the name of downsizing. but you don’t know this because like Apple, the foul taste of slave labour can be sweetened with a sip of hipster Latte.

      TLDR: it is not about $$$. this product shows how little they think of the synth community and they deserve the scorn. this comes from a place of love, and not hate.

      1. “let’s be honest: this Mavis thing is very cool as a gift idea for a kid aged 8-12, 12 would benefit from Behringer, AKAI, Elektron, Novation, etc”

        It seems like a very capable module combined with other modules and you also get a case, psu and cover for stand alone use. Will you consider any euro rack synth voice a toy?

        “to see them all fawn over this, was so cringe, I felt embarrassed for them that they have to sink so low and shill so hard for a slice of that YouTube Algo money”

        I didn’t see any video about it but like always I checked the manual, listen to the demos and was really surprised by all the added material Moog have done for it. I find it funny that you are so against it but watched youtubers talking about it.
        Considering you don’t like it, its understandable every praised sounded to you “embarrassing” and maybe you are right, but I don’t see the relevant to youtubers motives and the actual product or the brand.

        “even M32 and DFAM were intentionally crippled to not have some basic features”

        I never understood this complaint about “basic features”, there is no such thing basic features in an instruments that meant to inspire, it’s not a computer with a very specific operation, the designers can choose whatever they think will be best for this specific design or even decide by features they like or don’t. It can be a very capable synth and legit instrument with 6 knobs, but considering it’s all semi-modular you are not limited to add whatever you see as “basic”

        “FYI they fired a 17year Moog veteran who was hired by Bob Moog himself without any notice, and not even a chance for her to say goodbye to her colleagues, all in the name of downsizing”

        Why they will not give her a chance to say goodbye? Sounds like allot of information is missing from “this story” but even if what you say is true every story have two sides.

        “this product shows how little they think of the synth community and they deserve the scorn. this comes from a place of love, and not hate”

        I don’t see that at all.

    4. Because companies like Moog develop products to earn your money? It is a business trying to maximise profits after all and we are consumers wanting most value after all. Let the market forces decide.

    5. Behringer has successfully promoted the myth that other companies overprice their gear. Let’s be real: if Moog has to pay $17/hour to their assembly workers and the cost of metal cases and woodwork is 10X what it is in China, their costs are going to be significantly higher than Music Tribe’s.

  10. It seems pretty cool. I wish they’d put the panel on the other side so if one does decide to Eurorack it with other semi modular gear, that all the cables would be on the right side as they are with the rest of the Moogs as well as other manufacturers.

    As for the price, $349 seems reasonable but once that’s converted into Canadian dollars, we’re looking probably closer to $500. It’s still decent but by the time you get to that range there are some very capable options to consider, especially used.

    I wonder if there are knobs you could put over the existing ones to give users more control over the same range.

    1. personally, I would have enjoyed left-right versions of their patch bay. with a floating panel and cable would have been ideal – even for a little extra cash I would have preferred it.

  11. Interesting but there is just better, more capable stuff at this pricepoint. I wish Moog do a full on take on west coast synthesis instead of their mostly derivative stuff.

  12. That their own publicity photo shows wires totally in the way when patched into their own other semi modular gear is… well, it shows me that I dont want to deal with that mess 🙂 What a strange decision.

  13. To me, moog hasn’t been relevant to me for several years. I’m glad the truth is finally coming out about how the company treats its employees.

    1. “I’m glad the truth is finally coming out about how the company treats its employees.”

      It sounds like Moog workers are treated better than they would be at just about any synth maker in the world. The union organizers are just arguing that Moog can and should do even better, which I support.

      So many commenters are clearly just reacting to their own biases, instead of making an attempt to understand what’s going on.

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