Xjam USB MIDI Performance Controller Now Available

ESI has introduced Xjam, a new portable MIDI performance controller, featuring a solid aluminum chassis and pads with polyphonic aftertouch.

The compact unit (200 x 135 x 26 mm) is designed to match the Xkey series of MIDI controller keyboards by CME.

Xjam provides 16 RGB pads, with polyphonic aftertouch, in a 4×4 matrix, plus 6 endless encoders that can be used in 48 configuration scenes. Virtually any common type of MIDI messages can be assigned to each of these controls and editing can be done quickly and directly on the hardware.

ESI provides a powerful editing software for Mac, PC and iPad that helps to monitor MIDI data and configure Xjam to your specific needs. In addition to the editing tool, Xjam ships with a powerful software package incl. Bitwig Studio 8-Track, Cubasis LE (for iPad) and WaveLab LE.

While Xjam connects via USB-C to the computer and works as a fully bus-powered device, it also features a TRS MIDI output to send signals to any other MIDI gear. An additional connector for an optional foot switch is provided as well.

Pricing and Availability:

Xjam is now available, with a retail price of 149,- EUR.

7 thoughts on “Xjam USB MIDI Performance Controller Now Available

  1. So they call “pressure sensitivity” “poly after touch”, technically it is true but its true for any pads with pressure sensitivity. Seems ESI are in touch with what people are into

  2. I guess with “endless” rotary encoders you can have recall/null, but with no display and no LED rings, it won’t be especially easy to get visual feedback if you are needing it in standalone mode.

    I keep hoping someone will make a box like this with multiple expression inputs that have high res (14 or 16 bits) but that never happens. So, we’re left to ask what is different about this than the boxes that came out decades ago (BCR2000, Novation SL Zero MkII, etc.). This box is all that and less- well, except for the pads.

  3. why only 6 encoders and not 8… I really don’t get it. MPD218 has also only 6, why? software like Live and Bitwig use 8 marcros…

  4. Midi Controller innovstions are very boring….its unbelievable how boring (sorry) controllers are nowdays. There could be so much possible (displays, endless encoders, touch-keyboard for naming parameters….. and so on).

    So why all those extreme boring midi controllers thrown on the market 🙁 ??

    Come on developers, please provide some innovative stuff ( e.g. electra one , but with more knobs / faders)

  5. Electra One is more capable, but also at a more premium price. XJam is clearly budget-minded. I think it depends a lot on the editing software and how well that can turn it into a practical tool. If you have a medium-sized rig you know well, this could handle plenty of the work. Time and some reviews will tell.

  6. Looks like you can create, save and recall setups directly on the unit. A welcome rarity on these budget units. Just being able to change the MIDI the channel requires a desktop editor on many.

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