Intermission, For Piano & Modular Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Raffael Seyfried shared this ambient piano + modular composition, Intermission.

Here’s what Seyfried has to say about the technical details:

“The Bass is the AJH Vintage Triangle Core VCO going into the Transistor Ladder Filter. Added grunge from the Befaco Crush Delay and into an DIY SSL Style Bus Compressor and into the Culture Vulture for even more drive.

The Arps are my favorite setup. Two Befaco EvenVCOs going into the BF22 Filter. Envelope is Maths and the VCO are crossmodulated and the level of that is controlled by two looping evelopes from Rampage. The Arps are then fed into the 4ms Dual Looping Delay for some… Delay.

The Piano is fed into Beads which is Clocked for that slicing.”

One thought on “Intermission, For Piano & Modular Synthesizer

  1. That was really nice, quite beautiful actually.

    I have to say, it was a real pleasure to hear traditional music coming out of the modular system as opposed to the bleep, bloop, squeal, and honk school of music which is what was coming out of the earliest modular systems and seems to be what is the dominant form now.

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