7 thoughts on “Live Ambient Performance For Trumpet & Elektron Octatrack

  1. Sorry, but what gets me about all this modular stuff is kinda the same feeling I get about craft beer (usually IPA’s): they have all this cool graphical shit going on, but one can’t tell what the hell is going on

      1. Nah, this is what commenting is all about these days. It’s about “thinking” what a post is all about without actually putting any effort into it. Because, who has the time to actually read/view the content? It’s way to hard to have a polarising black/white opinion about something when you actually delve into the material, so it’s best to just blabber what’s on top of your head, if you want to get any respons to what you’ve typed.

  2. Sounds like octatrack provides the backing tracks while he plays trumpet over it. Very nice. Obviously Miles Davis influenced, which is never a bad thing, and executed beautifully.

  3. At least this musician is playing the instrument, really interacting with the music in his mind on different personal levels, not a ‘synthesist’ just turning knobs on a machine.

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