Download A Free Symphony Orchestra

Spitfire Audio has released BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover – described as “an inspiring gateway into orchestral composition” – as a free download.

The free virtual instrument collection features 33 instruments, and the same professional recording quality as both their Core and Professional editions, but in a lightweight and accessible package (only 200mb).

Each edition is fully interchangeable through Spitfire’s mode switching technology, making it easy to share and collaborate with other composers, regardless of the edition that they own.

BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is available as a free download, for Mac and Windows, at the Spitfire Audio site.

4 thoughts on “Download A Free Symphony Orchestra

  1. This is is absolutely brilliant as a free instrument. Their other free offerings are cool as well, they can inspire in weird and wonderful ways (their bizarre tape piano warbled its way into several of my pieces).

  2. Spitfire offers sub-sections of brass and strings that suit my needs without the hefty price tag of the fuller orchestras. It’ll cost you more to get a greater range of articulations, but for many jobs, they’re right on the mark.
    You rarely find such sound quality for $29 and $49 a pop. Epic Brass can rattle your nads. They have outstanding intros and tutorials, too.

  3. After Polaris I started to explore the Labs stuff and then Pianobook, all very cool. Recently started going back thru all my old University books on orchestral writing and arranging so this is perfect timing. Thank you.

  4. Well, Spitfire has me hooked. I downloaded all of the LABS stuff. Very unique sounding, very expressive. The Free Symphony Orchestra is excellent- way better than I expected. Now I am starting to buy from them. Highly recommended.

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