QuNexus Overlays From Oversynth.com

Oversynth.com has introduced a limited series of overlays for the Keith McMillan Instruments QuNexus MIDI controller.

All overlays feature labeling for the QuNexus version 2 firmware and will fit both the original black QuNexus and the new ‘Red’ version.

The overlay designs feature large fonts and high contrast graphics, wherever possible to help with viewing in low-light. They are printed on a sturdy polyester sheet, to help minimize reflections and glare.

They do not have adhesive backing, so they can sit temporarily over the QuNexus and then be removed if desired. They ship with a strip of optional adhesive, though, for a more lasting placement. The adhesive is low-tack and will not damage the surface of the QuNexus.

Pricing and Availability

Overlays for the QuNexus are available now for $25 USD.

11 thoughts on “QuNexus Overlays From Oversynth.com

    1. hahaha, agreed. The decaying plastic is providing it’s own on mine at age 8. Anybody crack the code on cleaning these things somehow?

      1. You can scrub the sticky plastic off with alcohol, but it’s a tedious task and it will eventually turn sticky again.

      2. Apply cornstarch with a paint brush while holding it upside-down (to avoid getting it under the buttons). Worked on my JBL’s too.

    2. No kidding. Though I do seem to recall that KMI offered to provide (or sell at cost?) a replacement case if your QuNexus is affected by the sticky coating issue.

  1. as much as i want to commend the qunexus for doing what it did/does, i just could never get into it. waaay too finicky to set up to my liking, too stiff to get expressive (really had to bang on it sometimes), and just a touch clunky somehow despite the form factor – plus that goopy decaying satin plastic. i’m glad it’s still around and people can get new use out of it, but there’s probably other tools around at this point lol.

  2. I’ve played almost every action you can name. Some mini-keys suck and others win you over. The two best bets are a full hardware instrument you really like or a higher-end controller from a known maker like Novation.

    Below that, the field is full of subjective hits & misses. The QuNexus feels too much like a plank for me, but I love my XKeys and they feel like a bunch of Chiclets. They handle velocity well, which is my main interest. When you find a controller you like, buy two of them. Everything eventually craps out, so you’ll be glad you did.

  3. Maybe it’s psychological, but I feel like the recent 2.0 firmware update (a welcome surprise after ten years!) made the pads more playable. Might have to try the nail polish trick. Or rolling the case in cat fur to give it a fuzzy texture….

  4. We’re going to make these really useful things but we’re not going to make enough for everybody, so hurry up and buy them now because they are overpriced just enough to make them seem special and exclusive, and you all know how important it is to exclude anyone you want to feel better than, right? I’ve just been watching George Carlin and that sounds like something he would say.

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