How To Create Binaural 3D Audio In Eurorack With The Neuzeit Quasar

The latest video from Perfect Circuit features German synthesist Martha Bahr (aka Panic Girl) sharing how she creates binaural 3D audio effects in her Eurorack system using the Neuzeit Quasar.

The Quasar brings 3D spatial audio to the Eurorack world. It is a two-channel audio mixer that uses binaural algorithms. You can seamlessly move sounds around your head, dynamically change the angle, height and distance in real time.


  • 2 mono inputs
  • Stereo output (two single jacks + headphone stereo jack)
  • 2 CV inputs
  • 24Bit 48kHz inputs and outputs, 32Bit internal signal processing
  • Dynamic 3D positioning in three dimensions (height, angle, distance)
  • Room reverb can be applied for better localization
  • Internal LFOs with flexible routing
  • External CVs can be flexibly routed to all parameters, multiple destinations per CV, individual intensity
  • Different 3D transfer functions to choose from
  • Two large endless encoders with aluminum knobs, RGB LED rings for setting and displaying parameters
  • OLED display for navigation and to show which parameter the encoders are currently controlling
  • Flat menu structure, no deep dives neccessary
  • User presets can be flexibly created and recalled
  • Potentiometers for volume control of the three positions Quasar 1, Quasar 2 and Center

Watch to the end for a performance demo of the Quasar in action.

See the Perfect Circuit or Neuzeit site for more info.

15 thoughts on “How To Create Binaural 3D Audio In Eurorack With The Neuzeit Quasar

  1. true stereo pan and reverb are still thought of as “exotic” for music production,
    but binaural is a thing now because apple?
    lol, dont tell me more

    1. binaural is silly; these muffins are bad; that painting is bad.

      oh, it’s just an ad for yet-another-eurorack-module.

      1. This is for the people that understand that binaural synthesis and surround mixing are both more than panning and reverb.

      2. good old stereo stereo must be bad because it works on speakers and headphones. /s
        Imagine you could hear your music in the car. how futuristic. πŸ˜‰

    1. lets spend more time on our cheesy composition instead of blowing it up bigger than life for ppl with headphones. ^^

    2. Imagine actually listening to the demo and realizing that everybody else realizes that your comment is ignorant.

      [Give it a try with headphones – unless you’re deaf, you’ll hear that binaural mixing is much more than panning.

    1. The relevant thing is that her explanations are excellent and her demos are very musical, unlike 90% of synth Youtubers.

      More like this, please.

  2. I do dig her sound, and she is pretty fwiw…. BUT, her IG handle has a triple-six in it. Instant put off. Im not religious at all, but I am wanting to not frequent engagement with her vibe, at all really.

    1. the Gods of your enemies become your Demons. Whatever happend to some good old timey paganism? oh, that’s right, they burned us alive for 1500 years straight. Good for her, represent!

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