Neuzeit Instruments Quasar Binaural 3D Audio Mixer (Sneak Preview)

At Superbooth 2021, Neuzeit Instruments is introducing the Quasar, a binaural 3D audio mixer, designed to let you “move your sounds around your head”.

All parameters are CV mappable, e.g. angle, height and distance where a sound is place, along with the parameters of the powerful internal matrix mixer.

“With its big aluminum knobs and LED rings, it is not only shiny but also fun to use,” they note.

Here’s a preview of the Neuzeit Instruments Quasar in action (headphones recommended):

In the audio demo, the LFO/CV modulates the azimuth (=angle). In1 is a vocal, In2 is a synth voice. Changing parameters such as height, distance and room amount manually.

Pricing and Availability

Details are still to come at the Neuzeit site.

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