PWM Malevolent Synthesizer Hands-On Review

In his latest Sonic Lab review, Sonic State’s Nick Batt takes an in-depth look at the PWM Malevolent synthesizer.

The PWM Malevolent is a keyboard monosynth that features a pure analog signal path, Eurorack-compatible patchability and a relatively affordable €579.99 price tag.

It offers two analog oscillators, LFO, 2 EGs, VCF + VCA. And the keyboard offers a latching arpeggiator, along with pitch, velocity & gate control voltage outputs.

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
02:45 Oscillators
07:34 Filter + Drive
09:30 Sound Examples
10:46 Joystick + more sounds
15:28 LFO + more patching
21:03 Arpegiator + more patching
25:02 Conclusion

Check out the review and share your thoughts on the PWM Malevolent in the comments!

21 thoughts on “PWM Malevolent Synthesizer Hands-On Review

  1. This very tempting but I havent been able to see any videos of its versitility when patching. I’m in the market for a monosynth right now so im looking around if anyone has any recommendations in this price range. Had a Manther, a the Sub 37 at one point, and I really want to touch a Synthrx 2 but I think it’ll be released in 2023. Really liking the Norand Mono with that sweet sequencer, anyone have any experience?

  2. Imo an interesting experiment but no great sounds so far. Almost nobody dare to say something like ‘waste of money’. I’m glad Nick Batt didn’t say this is a great synthesizer.

    I rather would spent a little more money for a Hydrasynth desktop. Or start an eurorack with behringer brains. These are just random examples.

      1. JoepMeloen – Synthtopia did not ‘refuse’ your comment.

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        1. I assumed using the same e-mailaddress would be enough. Using another nickname is just for fun. There are already many ‘Paul’s’.

      1. That is correct Gadi, I can only judge from what I hear, when I don’t have it at hand. Just buy instruments, which you don’t like in first “preview” just to try to like it, does not make sense ..sorry…

        Sonic State makes some very good demos, but this one did not fall into my taste…

        1. Like I already said under JoepMeloen, Nick Batt didnt make this synth look better than it is… unlike a lot of Yaysayers. I’ve the feeling a lot of people really want to like this synth but that is hard if you don’t hear anything special.

          1. i will reserve my opinion till ill try it myself,
            you talking about “yaysayer” but needs a youtuber to make it sound spaciel for you or else you wont like it…

  3. To me, this synth seems too have taken too much ideas from the MS20 to stand its own. It should at least have some sort of voice of it’s own, but it seems to be a somewhat tamed version of the timeless Korg, with expanded patch points. I don’t know if there’s a market for such a device… Perhaps an alternative to the MS20 mini, considering its price?

    Saying you want this or a hydrasynth, as stated above, is your typical thoughtless comment that stains every comment section. There’s no overlap between the sounds of those two machines; a comparison could be made between other semi-modulars, like those from Behringer or Arturia.

    1. Was thinking the same thing with regard to the Hydrasynth comparision. Two completely different instruments in terms of sound, structure and purpose.

      1. The hydrasynth is awesome! Weird someone thinks otherwise. Price-wise and functionality alone, its a deep synth. Digital-yes, but super deep. When it comes to purchasing synth, there should be 2 questions, 1. does it sound good- it does if you know what your doing, 2. Can you make a bunch of cool sounds that cater to your ears- depends on your own ears. But it being so deep, im sure you can get there with some skill. This synth sounds not that good and isnt that deep. Not sure where you’d get but im sure someone else would see differently.

        1. Why bother replying with a message that has litteraly nothing to do with my point. If I want the sound and possibilities of a fat analogue mono, why would I bother looking at a digital poly? :’)

    2. the filter is multi with multiple outputs, interesting arp, pwm, velocity sensitive, 2 adsr env, usb powered, actually except its a semi modular with 2 vco’s (and different vco’s) they are not that similar at all, its also 1v/oct, a big plus if you connect it to eurorack

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