Rhodes Intros 75th Anniversary Edition MK8/75AE Electric Piano

To celebrate 75 years of Rhodes musical instruments, Rhodes has introduced the 75th Anniversary Edition MK8/75AE electric piano.

Building on the design of the modern Rhodes MK8, the limited edition MK8/75AE adds premium design touches. The company describes it as “the very elite iteration of the modern Rhodes piano.”

It features analogue effects as standard, and a dark aesthetic, with a blacked-out keybed and gold accented details.

Pricing and Availability

Rhodes will be making 75 of the 75th Anniversary Edition MK8/75AE Electric Piano, priced at $13,495. Rhodes will open open orders at 21:00 BST / 16:00 ET on Thursday, September 15th, 2022. They say that orders will be open for two weeks, but will close early should all 75 pianos be sold.

The current delivery estimate is six per month, beginning January 2023. See the Rhodes site for details.

19 thoughts on “Rhodes Intros 75th Anniversary Edition MK8/75AE Electric Piano

  1. At that price, only 75 people will be able to afford. Seeing the pictures here, it looks like they are going to have it produce the sound like tne older ones did.

  2. i would love a rhodes again, and a baby grand piano and a hammond b3 and leslie!

    sadly, it’s just not the same anymore.

    not a fan of the way over the used car cosmetic ‘upgrade’ of ‘blacked out’ is applied to anything now. it’s just weak black paint. ugh. no thanks.

  3. “Hey look – a $13,000+ USB controller key!” (/jk)

    Since they are talking about built-in “analog effects”, at this price point I would have to take it for granted that there is at least a bucket-brigade chorus and a real tape delay (with real tape!) in there…

    To their credit it looks very nice. But something “elitist” like this is not for the 95% of us then, I suppose. Anyway, happy birthday Rhodes company! 🙂

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