Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species Named After Tangerine Dream Founder Edgar Froese

A newly discovered dinosaur species, Bisticeratops froeseorum, has been named in memory of the late founder of Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS) Curator Dr. Spencer Lucas and Research Associate Sebastian Dalman, along with Dr. Steven E. Jasinski from Harrisburg University, published an article in the latest edition of Bulletin of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science describing a new genus and species of horned dinosaur from New Mexico.

The team named the dinosaur Bisticeratops froeseorum (pronounced “Biss-tie-SAYR-uh-tops frose-e-or-um”), after the Bisti/De-na-zin Wilderness area where the fossil was collected, and for the Froese family of the musical group Tangerine Dream, one of Dalman’s favorite bands.

“Bisticeratops adds to the diversity of Late Cretaceous horned dinosaurs from New Mexico,” said Dr. Lucas. “It shows that important discoveries and analyses continue to be made in the state in our effort to understand better the history of dinosaurs during the last few million years before their extinction.”

Bisticeratops was a horned dinosaur, or ceratopsian, from the same group as the famous Triceratops, with an estimated body length of about 18 feet. This plant-eating dinosaur lived in the jungles and swamps near the seacoast that submerged what is now northwestern New Mexico 74 million years ago.

The fossil itself includes most of the skull of the dinosaur. The skull of Bisticeratops shows bite marks from a large predatory dinosaur, probably a tyrannosaur, although it is uncertain whether this was from active predation while Bisticeratops was alive or due to scavenging after it had died.

20 thoughts on “Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species Named After Tangerine Dream Founder Edgar Froese

  1. It’s pretty amazing that the guy thought so much of TD to actually do that (I love TD, BTW, but I still consider it amazing)

    1. Just show’s ya if ur smart ur into Tangerine Dream & realize that if it weren’t for them no techno as we know it irrefutable IHEH, IMHO, IYAME & IYKWTFU folks

    2. Dave, could you expand on that simile a bit? No matter how I juxtapose the terms I can’t figure what you are getting at.

  2. Unique and truly utterly exciting. What a wonderful way of naming a dinosaur. Will it be in the new Jurassic Park movie? Soundtrack will be vintage original TD Material. I’m all ears!!

  3. Thank you a Hundred Million for remembering our beloved Composer Edgar! He loved New Mexico and All Native Peoples!

  4. I am the lead researcher who named Bisticeratops froeseorum to honor both Edgar and Jerome Froese. I’ve been a huge fan of TD since I heard the album Poland. The TD music has been with me ever since. Today I call TD music the story of my life. And, because it brought so much join into life I decided to honor Edgar and Jerome. S

    o, I believe that nothing is wrong with that. Jerome already contacted me and he is deeply honored as he told me. Edgar would have been also deeply honored if he was alive. Today I have a huge collection of TD albums and other memorabilia.

  5. This is a great conversation! Your work is incredibly important and may lead New Thinkers value your published works! Sabastian, check out TD:Green Desert. Tony K

  6. Anthony, thank you for your positive comments. My previous message got messed up a little bit. I hope that this one will go through fine. I have TD-Green Desert album on CD and LP. I have a huge collection of TD music almost 2000 CDs and over 200 DVDs, but also LP records and cassettes, and other memorabilia. I’ve been collecting TD music for many years. My adventure with this kind of music started with Jean Michel Jarre and then TD, after came Vangelis, Kitaro, Yanni, Suzanne Ciani, Jonn Serrie, Ray Lynch, This music has been with me for most of my life. I was introduced to dinosaurs when I was six years old and today I am a professional paleontologist. Because TD music was always with me I decided to honor Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese. The TD music as I said is the story of my life the same as the music of other composers that I listen to.

    I continue to make new paleontological discoveries and making more noise around the world. I had no idea that Bisticeratops froeseorum would make such big impact. All I wanted was to honor Edgar and Jerome as a thank you for the amazing music.

    Today, I still continue to collect TD music so I can have a complete collection. However, it is hard to find especially the rare stuff such as some of the bootlegs that I am missing.

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