Modal ARGON8 Gets Huge Free Update – Here’s What’s New

Modal Electronics has released ARGON8 Firmware v3, a free firmware update that they call “the most comprehensive release for our acclaimed wavetable synthesiser since its release 3 years ago”.

Here’s what’s new in ARGON8 Firmware v3:

The new Vintage parameter allows you to alter the organic fabric of the wavetable textures by emulating the behavior of vintage synths’ technical imperfections, introducing certain variations to tuning and other parameters. Oscillator Free Run is another feature known from analog synthesizers, and adds to the sonic flexibility of ARGON8. The company says that ‘classic’ synth sounds are much more alive with the vintage, and free run parameters, ensuring that every key press results in sound that’s slightly different than the one before.

Firmware v3 also adds four new filter types, incl. 4-Pole Ladder Filter, a 1-Pole Ladder Hybrid, a resonant Phaser Ladder Filter and a new 2-Pole Sallen-Key Filter. All new filters come with Pre-Filter drive, and the integrated pole sweeping allows seamless morphing through the audio spectrum. The Ladder filter unlocks even more classic synth tones as well as expands ARGONs experimental capabilities with the more complex filter outputs, and the Sallen-Key filter brings a whole new level and character to gnarly, driven sounds, especially when paired with the Drive FX.

More Effects

The V2 Reverb is great for adding a little bit of space to a sound, huge near-infinite reverbs and everything in-between. The new Chorus v2 was brought over from Modal’s COBALT5S and COBALT8 synths and offers vintage Chorus tones. Other new effects include the new Phaser v2, Compressor, Three-Band EQ, Unisoniser, Utility and additional Drive effects.

More Presets

Firmware v3 features a dedicated new bank of 100 new factory presets to showcase Firmware v3 in action.

Other New Features

With the new firmware, the programmable Arpeggiator gets new options for direction. Firmware v3 also improves the capabilities of the OLED display, the Audio In quality, the gain staging of the audio output and much more.

The update is available now as a free download.

10 thoughts on “Modal ARGON8 Gets Huge Free Update – Here’s What’s New

  1. I purchased both an Argon8 and a Cobalt8 desktop soon after each was released. Neither did much for me and I sold each of then within a couple months of purchasing them. The Argon lasted in my studio for the shortest period because I couldn’t justify keeping it because it took up desk space and didn’t really do anything any number of plug-ins I had couldn’t do better. The Cobalt lasted a little longer because I did find that it could substitute for an analog synth for some parts, but I ended up deciding on a Prophet 6 desktop, and that rendered the Cobalt all but useless for my applications for it (although I did keep a Skulpt V1 for those Modal quasi-analog sounds I do like to recreate). None of these added features would have increased the duration of time I would have kept the Argon.

    1. I recently sold my Argon8X and Cobalt8X. I keep the Argon a while longer than the Cobalt, but the new Argon firmware still would not have enticed me to keep it either.

    2. what I like most about Korg Prologue is, I can do ‘updates’ to its sound capabilities myself with the source oscillator and effects SDK’s.

  2. I liked what Modal did with newer products Argon and Cobalt after their 00 series big ones. However, the two device at most times, had the tendency not to make (extended VA or not) lush or great sounds according to my ears. In fact, I think the Fatar keys were more attractive than the sound engine itself – was it due to production cost limitation which in turn restricted the hardware from doing more. The app is also a great move by Modal. Hope to see a new/different product soon.

  3. Hoping for a Cobalt update soon, would love the envelopes the Hydra has that can snap to semitone values and some more flexibility in the filter. My biggest bug bear is still the pack of poly AT. A lesson for me to check the specs properly before a purchase. Otherwise I’m happy with my Cobalt / Hydra desktop combo, not much that I can’t get to in a vst but getting hands on is so much more fun and I like having a synth that doesn’t lock up the CPU in my aging PC

  4. Sad for you guys who don’t like/gave up on the Argon – new update is huge, the vintage mode sounds fantastic and reverb v2 is great! Nice to see a company continue to develop and add to an already great product.

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