Glänta Dynamic FM Synthesizer For Ableton Live & Max for Live

Fors shared this preview of Glänta, described as a Dynamic FM Synthesizer for Ableton Live & Max For Live.

Glänta is a synthesizer with a simple structure that focuses on the fundamentals of FM synthesis, with a 2-operator core. Glänta extends established concepts, according to the developer, with unique twists that are powerful, yet easy to use.


  • 2 FM Oscillators
  • 1 Flexible ADSR
  • 1 Regular ADSR
  • With stereo phase modulation, pitch-relative unison, dynamic bipolar feedback, cross-modulation, and polyphonic note slide.
  • Up to 16 voices of polyphony.

Each FM oscillator in Glänta has dynamic self-modulation, a type of feedback that is bipolar and frequency-compensated. This allows even a single oscillator to achieve saw- and square-like waveshapes that are consistent and alias-free across the whole pitch range.

Envelopes made for FM

The modulator envelope in Glänta is made with FM in mind. By extending the standard ADSR envelope with adjustable start- and end-levels, the FM envelope is streamlined for getting the timbral modulation right. With a logarithmic attack and exponential decay, the modulation and dynamics sound natural and snappy.

Stereo Modulation & Unison

The stereo mode puts the modulation itself in a phase-shifted stereo alignment which widens the sidebands, creating an FM-based stereo effect. On top of this the pitch-relative unison mode adds two oscillators, one above and one below the fundamental for anything from slight chorusing to harmonic layering.

Pricing and Availability

Glänta is available now for €10 excl. VAT.

6 thoughts on “Glänta Dynamic FM Synthesizer For Ableton Live & Max for Live

  1. If nothing else, for its price I can’t imagine anything coming close to it for allowing exploration of what FM really means. I think they are missing the mark in not more fully pushing it as an educational device.

    1. I’m sorry that is happening for you! I’ve seen random crashes, but it seems to be more of an issue with Live instantiating Max – it’s best to send a crash report to Ableton if possible. In any case, feel free to email us at [email protected]

      1. Ess, that’s a good explanation. It happens mostly when I start an instance or double a track. So, Max could be responsible for the crash… But Chiral, Box & Glänta are so good, that even this is acceptable 🙂

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