Ableton Live 11.2 Adds Updated Reverb, AUv3 Support & More

Ableton today announced the availability of Live 11.2, a free update that delivers improvements to the Reverb device – a standard device in every Live edition. It’s been refreshed with a modernized UI, improved usability and subtle sound improvements.

Live 11.2 also introduces AUv3 support, making more plug-ins available to music makers using Mac computers with Apple silicon chips.

Ableton Live 11.2 is available now as a free update. See the release notes for details on what’s new.

30 thoughts on “Ableton Live 11.2 Adds Updated Reverb, AUv3 Support & More

  1. Lots of little fixes but this has taken over a year to come out and doesn’t really add anything new, Live is a great program, but it is falling so far behind Bitwig which provides 2-3 major updates a year with lots of inovation….Ableton have a massive development team…what gives?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I think the whole MaxForLive thing had dampened their own innovation and just left it to the external developers to carry the weight. Its a great program but after switching to Bitwig, you can see the differences in development. and you realy think about that upgrade price. I’m pretty sure they are aware that they are at the top of the food chain and it may be whats holding them back.

      1. Yeah, but it as released Feb os 2021. In 5 months it’ll be 2 years and its at .2. Bitwig released version 4 on July 2021, based on my account its already at 4.3.8 and 4.3 was a pretty solid update.

          1. I think they have proven to be a strong candidate in the space and just numbers are good when you’re talking about numbers and dates and when you stop settling for crumbs. This is a crumbs update. Numbers tell us that Bitwig is updating more and developing more than the other guy so they do mean “much” when you want to know who is updating their product more. Facts are facts, 100% of the time, all the time.

    2. It took less that 4 months to come out, THIS VERY SITE has a June 3, 2022 article about when its public beta started.

      You can check just by clicking tags (like ableton-live-11) under the article…

  2. Half a job Ableton –
    The AUV3 support is only for audio instruments & fx – AUV3 MIDIFx are excluded which is
    disappointing as this is the more interesting & unique area that IOS apps offer IMO .

  3. I guess that it might be that Ableton’s vision has gotten old, the code grown stale and the architecture inflexible.
    Bitwig was coded with the vision of modulation everywhere right from the beginning. It’s a vision that keeps on giving. Ableton has no such vision anymore. Or, rather, its vision does not provide anymore.
    I guess anything bigger would require breaking changes at the core of the application. And that would require a very strong belief. (This belief left Ableton to found Bitwig). Anything else is just tacking on in places that are still amenable to bigger changes.

      1. This post is about Ableton and AU support, so what is your point ? I have Bitwig as well as Ableton and PC as well as Macs. I use Ableton on Mac and iPad for music purposes.

          1. have you looked into the iOS App Store lately? πŸ˜‰
            stuff can be cross platform iOS & Mac …
            how many platforms do you need to call it cross platform? ^^

            1. i wrote that because bitwig is “cross platform” (works on mac/windows/linux) so supporting for auv3 plugins that is not planned, probably.
              if you resort to talk about the definition of “cross platform” by saying auv3 support ios and osx you just looking for argument. find someone else to that with.

          2. As far as I know, unlike AUv2 , that is also used by many of the VST2/3 creators, AUv3 are only available from the Apple App Store. Unfortunaty most of them still only in the iPhone/iPad store and not in the Mac App Store. Probably because the price of these apps is generally much lower than VST equivalents / counterparts. A few that I can run in Ableton 11.2 on my Macs (mine are M1) are Animoog (my favourite), Model 15, Model D , Drambo, Sunrizer, Zeeon and Polywave. These are free if you already bought these on iPad/Iphone. Moog has some VST wrappers available for their universal apps.

              1. You are right about that. I do not have anything against Bitwig. I bought a Bitwig license when they started to support MPE. Now Ableton does too.
                These days I prefer using AU instead of VST, because I think transition to M1 native compatibility will be faster and smoother with these.

  4. I think that if you look at 11.2 and think “stale”, then that’s clearly buyer’s bias. Listen, I love Bitwig Studio – some of the best people on this planet started that company. I just happen to be an Ableton Live user that appreciates a slow, thorough approach to development.

    (I still REALLY hope we get a tool to do other meters than 2^n stuff. Quintuplets and septuplets are a hack in Live, and that feels anachronistic at this point.)

    1. stale?
      im off to load my drambo projects from iPad into abelton on my Mac now.
      just open the au in live, download my project from iCloud into the au, and here I go.
      now I can use Moog 15 on ipad and in live.
      Its killer what these new apple m2 chips can do with “iOS AUs” on mac. πŸ™‚
      not bad abelton, not bad.

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