Classic Mutable Instruments Modules Returning As Full-Size Clones

After Later Audio has introduced a new series of Eurorack modules that are clones of classic Mutable Instruments designs.

The MIC line currently includes:

  • Resonate – an full-size hardware replica of the Mutable Instruments Rings module:
  • Dice – a replica of the Mutable Instruments Marbles module; and
  • Cumulus – a replica of the Mutable Instruments Clouds.

Other Mutable Instruments clones are planned.

Mutable Instruments’ founder Émilie Gillet recently announced that there will be no new modules from the company and that production of existing modules is ending.

MI modules have been released with open source licensing, though, which means that other companies can make clones or derivative works, like the virtual Mutable Instruments modules in VCV Rack, the Behringer Brains and the Arturia MicroFreak.

16 thoughts on “Classic Mutable Instruments Modules Returning As Full-Size Clones

  1. Could this possibly get anymore confusing? Instead of Rings, Marbles and Clouds, we three other somewhat related but completely different names. At this point, we should just resort to SONY naming schemes and encourage them to roll out the SXP-1402W.

    1. Yeah, Cumulus and Clouds are super confusing. Resonate and Rings the resonator, struggle-rama. Marbles is called the Chaos Controller in the Poly Beebo/Digit. I’m freaking out! How about we just appreciate the extended production of these wonderful modules in whatever form or name thay appear.

    1. There have been MU versions from FSFX, Synthetic Sound Labs & others. They’re plug and play with dotcom modules, but I don’t know if they ‘fully conform to MU electrical standards”.

    1. I think the smaller clone modules are really great if you tend to use them as set-and-forget modules, but if you’re actively tweaking knobs, the extra space is super nice. Some of the micro versions can feel really cramped.

      1. agreed. I have the stick pot clone of Elements; almost unusable compared to full size MI version. I have never racked it since I bought the OG version. also an antumbra clouds – also unusable.

        mutable are my favorites; plaits, elements, marbles and tides 2; with doubles of the last pair.

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