Moog Powered Eurorack Cases Available In 60HP & 104HP Widths

Moog Music has introduced Powered Eurorack Cases, designed to compliment the company’s line of Eurorack-compatible all-in-one synths, like the Mother-32 and DFAM.

Moog’s Powered Cases are similar in design to the STG Soundlabs Boatrocker, introduced in 2019.

Featuring a durable aluminum case with wood sides, the Moog Powered Eurorack Case offers a versatile solution for expanding your setup of Moog’s semi-modular family of synthesizers, and the case’s angled extrusion mounts into Moog 2-Tier, 3-Tier, and 4-Tier Rack Kits.

The 60HP cases can be combined in racks with their 60HP Eurorack synths, while the 104HP Eurorack cases supports creating larger custom systems.

The Moog Powered Eurorack Case features Eurorack-compatible 16-pin power connectors and is designed for low-noise performance, high efficiency, and convenient input voltage compatibility.

To ensure clean power, the power supply circuit is designed with an additional layer of high-frequency noise filtering at each individually isolated power connector. Electrostatic discharge and overloading protection on the power input and power output sections are designed to keep your gear even further safeguarded.

The Moog Powered Eurorack Case features multiple power indicator LEDs to alert you if any of your power cables are not properly connected and need re-orienting, ensuring your system is fully operational before finally mounting of your modules. Once assembled, all modules can be turned on or off as a system, using the rear-mounted power on/off button.

Pricing and Availability

The Moog Powered Eurorack Case is available in 60HP for $299 USD and 104HP for $349. See the Moog site for details.

26 thoughts on “Moog Powered Eurorack Cases Available In 60HP & 104HP Widths

  1. How much are those Tiptop Audio Eurorack Cases? 208HP? I was really waiting for this to come out, buy 3 and another tier rack to sit this next to my Moog Studio. Would cost me $900 for 180HP 3 tier rack + the rack which I think is like $79. $200 for power is out of my range. Moog got real boutique lately after a nice run of affordable gear.

    1. Around $330 for the tiptop 10% off if you get it through Perfect Circuit during a sale. Solid case with lots of real estate and can be vertical or flat. Price may have gone up due to inflation but not sure.

  2. Sweetwater sells the unpowered 60HP Moog case for $89. I’ve bought a couple and use $85 flying bus eurorack power supplies. A nice, affordable case design.

  3. Moog really needs to get its act together on expanding their rack system much larger.

    I’ve already got five of the 60HP cases and would like a good solution for racking them that would also allow for future expansion.

    1. agreed. I would like to see more rack mount stuff front them. many wanted the Moogerfoogers in eurorack. it would be a slam dunk even with 9mm rotary pots.

      1. +1 for Moogerfoogers in eurorack format with jacks on the surface. With optional pedal enclosured inspired by the Pittsburg one and by the 4MS pods it would certainly be a huge success.

    1. It depends on what you want.

      I’ve use the Tiptop Audio uZEUS to power Moog 60 HP cases. It runs about $110. So about $200 for the case and power supply, saving $50 off Moog’s approach.

      Moog’s solution is a nicer solution, though, because it doesn’t eat up any HP and it looks like a better power implementation. I would have gone the Moog route, if it had been available at the time.

      People are stupid to cheap out on cases and modules. The first time you fry a module or your oscillators go out of tune, you start realizing that cheap is not always better.

      1. Sure. I paid £40 for a used uzeus, £60 for an empty m32 shell and made 3 holes in it. Sorry but Moog just loves to be overpriced.

        1. So you’re saying that businesses should sell things new for what they sell for used?

          Maybe it’s a good thing that you’re not running a business….

        2. Give me a break. uZeus is the crappiest PSU you cand get and FBB is a miserable substitute of a proper busboard. You are comparing high quality electronics with something of the worst possible quality.

          1. “You are comparing high quality electronics with something of the worst possible quality”

            No he isn’t – you are making up thing you can’t possible know

            This Moog powered system has literally just been announced

            You can’t possibly tell that it’s any better than a uZeus and FBB

            uZeus and FBB is completely fine for what they are by the way – so you are also just making that up. I had one powering a 104 HP skiff for years without any issue. About 8 modules. I’m sure many other uZeus users would agree

            1. “You can’t possibly tell that it’s any better than a uZeus and FBB”

              so you also don’t know nothing about it, how can you tell it isn’t?
              technically and by design its looking to be a much better power supply (symmetrical 3 amps multi layer pcb with power plane, isolated outputs with high freq filtering, protection, individual orientation leds…)
              so its not surprising it cost much more than the cheapest ribbon cables power supply.
              you know some of us don’t look for the lowest price possible, i would rather pay for high quality, for me the best quality is the best value, low cost is ewaste.
              and i don’t know if you consider it but everything new this days cost more, like 20-40% more, the company that dumb us all down to think about cost no matter the quality is straggling to ship even one new product in the last 3 years…

              1. I never said I could tell if it’s better – you did !!

                What I said was that a uZeus and FBB was fine for what it is

                Which is true – as many people will agree

                EVERYTHING you have said is pure speculation

                1. sure you can tell a design is a higher quality. i listed its features, this are simple facts, no speculation. it would be clear to anyone who knows how power supply works that the moog design is a higher quality power supply than uzeus, ask anyone who knows electronics.

                  as for the uzeus “happy costumers”, you can drive simple noisy and hot car from a to b fair enough but it doesn’t mean that other car that designed better is overpriced.

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    2. Moog is the largest synth manufacturer in the USA. I know a handful of employees personally and they’re great people who love their jobs. Don’t believe everything that disgruntled angry people post on the internet.

  4. really cool to see now why they put the Mavis patch points on the left side. makes sense now! that’s more that an hat rack Moog! yeah Moog has a range, some things are quite a bargain, other hit you where it hurts, but lets be honest, we all want all of it. 😉

  5. Ok, so you know a ” handful ” of employees who are as happy as they can be. What about the rest of other employees?

  6. When you see how the Mother-32 and the Mavis in the 104HP case, you realize that Moog has had a long-term plan for their gear.

    I’d love to see a mixer and effects box in Mavis form factor.

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