Novation Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Huge Giveaways

Novation has announced a massive gear giveaway, celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary.

In 1992, Novation developed the MM10, an innovative MIDI sequencer that controlled the Yamaha QY10 from a keyboard, the first MIDI controller of its kind. The Bass Station introduction in 1993 pushed them further into the spotlight as one of the standout synths of the ‘90s.

Since then, Novation has developed a full line of synthesizers; set the standard for grid controllers with its Launchpad range; created the hugely popular Circuit line of grooveboxes; and more.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Novation will be giving away their biggest prize bundle yet. One lucky winner can own a full studio’s worth of gear, as well as three years of upcoming products.

The prize bundle includes:

  1. A suite of Novation products, including Circuit Rhythm, Circuit Tracks, FLkey Mini, Launchkey 37, Summit, Peak, Bass Station II, Launchpad Pro.
  2. Three years of future Novation products.
  3. A feature on the Novation website spotlighting their entry/music and a short interview with accompanying social media promotion.
  4. A 1:1 Product Demo Session with a Novation product specialist.
  5. 5. A Novation Logo T-Shirt.

The giveaways continue with 30 exclusive soundpacks covering countless genres. All users can get their hands on samples made for the Circuit Rhythm, and perfect for all of the Launch range – regardless of what DAW they choose.

Newsletter subscribers can also get their hands on the Novation Legacy Sample Pack, featuring sounds from the Bass Station, AFX Station, and other classic Novation instruments.

Details on the 30th Anniversary competition and other celebrations are available at the Novation site.

17 thoughts on “Novation Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Huge Giveaways

  1. Won’t happen cause Novation doesn’t listen to their userbase. Not that it matters anymore cause others made devices that go far beyond what Circuit has to offer.

  2. Oh, to enter the competition you have to post yourself using novation equipment on social media. Not sure what I think about that. It’s like when the radio stations offered prizes to people who stuck stickers on their cars.

  3. It’s really generous but can’t help but think it would be better to give the summit to one person, the peak to another.. so on and so forth. Spread the love around a little bit..

  4. Wow! 30 years! Congrats to all of the folks who have been a part of the many iterations.

    I’m just saying: the X-Station was (is?) way way ahead of its time. Fun and useful as a synth, **AMAZING** as a synth controller. Nothing out there, even years later, is as easy to use as a synth controller because it’s laid out like an actual synth. I’d buy a modernized version in a heartbeat (internal synth or not).

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