New App, RRS Ivoks, Brings Vintage Soviet Synth Sounds To iOS

Red Rock Sound has introduced RRS Ivoks, a new software synth that emulates the classic Soviet Polivoks synthesizer.

RRS Ivoks is an AUv3 instrument. To use it, you need an AUv3-compatible host app, like GarageBand, Auria, AUM or Cubasis.

Here’s a demo by The Sound Test Room:

Pricing and Availability:

Ivoks is available now for $4.99 USD. It’s free to download, and is unlocked via an in-app purchase.

66 thoughts on “New App, RRS Ivoks, Brings Vintage Soviet Synth Sounds To iOS

    1. Yeah, just check out 1420 channel on Youtube to get a feeling for just how many Russian’s back Putin’s invasion. So many think they are defending their motherland by invading Ukraine.
      What does Pavel Akhpashev think?

          1. you still go on with that? still can’t see the irony in calling others for “whataboutism” to discrediting their points of view.

            1. There is no irony.
              Whataboutism is feeble argument at best. It is oversimplication to the point of uselessness.
              Your point is that we should not criticise Russian citizens because of another conflict in other circumstances, in another time, in another place.

              1. Now I am convinced that propaganda works perfectly in both directions. How are you different from those Russians who support the war? Nothing, you are also easily succumbing to propaganda like they are, if you lived in Russia, you would go with the letter Z on a T-shirt. We Red Rock Sound never support wars, never. How can support the mass murder of people. We make music software which, by definition, should bring only peace and goodness. We have many relatives and friends from Ukraine, how can we support them die. Finally, I would be very happy if each of you does not use our products, I would like our plugins to be used only by smart and good-natured people.

                1. ‘if you lived in Russia, you would go with the letter Z on a T-shirt’
                  That’s a ridiculous thing to say. And could well be classed as a personal insult.

                  Be very sure:
                  Just like western intelligence knew the war was going to start before Russian civilians (and most Russian military) they will also know when Putin is going to use nukes.
                  When they tell you that Putin has made all the moves necessary to prepare for a strike. Will you be prepared to get your head out of the sand and take to the streets?

              2. it is very ironic, and it’s not my point but since you use the same manipulation to discredit others opinion for three months now (since the avp ad) about the same subject, its figures you don’t care to see the fault in it.

                1. Incomparable, not ironic.
                  I’ll call out whataboutism whenever it rears its ugly head.
                  If you care to put up and actually delve deeper that the shiney surface layer of your glib comparrison of the two disparate situations then please do.

                  1. i do think compering this situation to “usa” is legit framing but i didn’t made the comparison, “tabusco” did and you accused him for deviation by using whataboutism. you use whataboutism to deviant from this reference and to discredit others opinions.

          1. Putin’s government can either be held accountable by Russia’s population.
            Or it can be held to account by 3/4 of the world’s governments, by force.
            The former would be much preferable.

  1. App is very boring….lacks luster….. I did download it, to give it a spin….and…..Mehhhhhhh….and I’d never put money in the Russian pockets.

    1. no it’s not misplaced, it’s purely economical. the devs can say whatever they want, but we’re long past the point when words and feelings mattered anything. Russian economy uses obscene amounts of money for terrorism, to bomb cities with normal people just like you, living their lives there. So as soon as you buy any russian product, the app or plugin – you participate in that. And this is coming from Ukrainian with relatives in Russia, so I feel it in a very cerebral way.

      1. This is said by a Ukrainian through whose country pipes with gas and oil from Russia still pass without interruption. This is said by a Ukrainian whose part of the country is at war, and the other part lives and entertains in clubs and bars as if nothing is happening. This Ukrainian is still trying to teach someone from Russia. When a Ukrainian gets money for the transit of Russian oil and gas, the Russian at that time lives his own life, as if nothing had happened. First, Ukraine must decide whose spoon it wants to feed on, and then maybe ordinary people from Russia will do something.

        1. ‘and the other part lives and entertains in clubs and bars as if nothing is happening’
          No, not true. You make a mis-leading over-simplification. Ukraine has the luxury of being able to rotate troops. They have more volunteers than they have equipment.
          The whole country is on a war footing and any r and r is firmly in the background of thousands of daily artillery and missile bombardments throughout the country.

          ‘whose country pipes with gas and oil from Russia still pass without interruption’
          What is the inference you are making? You are well aware that Ukraine has obligations to the nations receiving that gas not to disrupt their service. Ukraine would like to turn the taps off. They are pressured by other countries not to. They are also pressured by the immense damage to their economy by Russia. They cannot refuse the revenue which is needed now more than ever.
          Ukraine is fighting for its very survival. Putin wants it. The whole lot. He wants it to be part of his empire.
          Ukraine will play the hand it is dealt the best way it can to survive.
          The Russians who claim to be anti-war need to get their cowardly heads out of the sand.
          Doing nothing is the same as being pro-war.
          Iranian women are making Russian anti-war protesters look like wet farts.

        1. What do you think is going to happen with the people who rise up at the moment??
          i went to russia 7 weeks ago, when did you go there to check on the current situation?. its way to easy to sit behind a screen theese days.

          1. Do you think going to a place is sufficient to qualify you as an expert?
            How many points of view did you sample when you went there?
            How much new information did you assimilate and how complex is your model of Russian society?
            Instead of educating us with your erudite analysis of how the various regions, religions and factions are dealing with the blowback of mobilisation, the losses on the battlefield, the economic sanctions etc, you chose to retorically ask what could loosely be described as ‘the blinking obvious’.
            I have never visited Russia. I do have Russian relatives some of which are from Ukraine.
            I watch a handful of Russian bloggers and commentators including Vlad Vexler and Daniil Orain (1420) and read up on stuff that comes up.

            1. Since you are so smart, tell me why Ukraine requires the entire Europe to abandon Russian gas and oil, while they themselves are transit countries for this oil and gas? Why won’t Ukraine blow up the Russian pipeline on its territory?
              Why don’t freedom-loving Ukrainians from Kherson dislodge the Russian government? Many soldiers with weapons? So in Russia there are also a lot of police officers and military men with weapons, what do you want from the Russians? You want the Russians to create chaos in their country, for the sake of Ukrainians who don’t even really want to fight the enemy.

              1. Russians could stand up against their dictator as that freak continues to destroy their lives and the lives of their neighbors. Ukraine unlike Russia doesn’t want to blow shit up if they don’t have to. Ukraine will serve the west greatly for sure. Should Russia have a say in that. I think not. Russia will be gone in 5 years time anyway. It’s economy is a joke and it has hardly play on a global level anymore either. Putin will be either killed or locked up the Russian people as things are moving forward. Glory for Ukraine is peace for Europe. If anything this war made one thing sure its that no country will ever be dependend on Russian oil and gas. If Putin’s goal is to destroy Russia he’s doing a great job. 😉

              2. I’ve replied to your gas pipeline statements in another thread.
                The tldr is: They don’t want to punish those that are buying the gas. They need the money because Putin’s war has devastated their economy.
                They do what the have to because this war is existential. They would much prefer to cut the supply.

          1. Please see the UK for an example.
            The linkage between the people and No 10 is far from perfect but certainly exists.
            Opinion polls forced out Boris and Truss will be removed for her same disasterous public appeal. Public opinion, direct and via the markets, forced U-turns on almost all her policies.

        2. Yes the Russian people are going to stand by just like the American people stood by when they illegally invaded Iraq. If you’d like we can start a GoFundMe campaign to send you to Moscow so you can stand in Red Square and tell the Russians your opinions on global politics. Let’s see how that turns out.

  2. To my ear, Russian synths generally sound like a robot gargling rivets. I’m not into industrial enough for that. Never mind politics; I simply don’t feel a need for an instrument that lives in a world of distortion. That’s not 100% accurate, but every synth has a psychic aroma. Russian ones smell like burning wires.

  3. governments create wars .blame governments not the everyday people. if an iOS plugin from a Russian developer causes a impulsive response you should direct it to the right people. the world governments are trying to kill us.

    1. @itchy exactly this! People need to get out and vote (in the US) or we’re going to lose things US citizens have been taking for granted for years. It’s already starting.

      I have all RRS apps. I like them a lot.

    2. russian government collects taxes out of product sales, including software, and every time any russian buys their groceries. Then they buy iranian drones. Then they use those drones and rockets on Ukrainian cities and people. Meanwhile “everyday people” there either stand by silently, or openly support the war. Those who can afford it fled to Georgia.
      I’m not saying that all sales of this app could buy even a single drone or a missile. But it all adds up, and there cannot be a half-way stance – you either participate in this or you don’t.

      1. Every Ukrainian knows that oil and gas from Russia flows freely through the territory of Ukraine. But every Ukrainian demands some kind of action from the Russians. Maybe start with yourself?

        1. Every Ukrainian knows that oil and gas from Russia flows freely through the territory of Ukraine – therefore the war is okay? The fact that you even dare to try to justify genocide and terrorism to me like that is messed up. No human decency award for you this year.

          1. War is bad, I don’t condone it. It’s just that your government wants to sit on two chairs. Your government is profiting from this war. You are calling to boycott a plugin developer who sells his plugins for $5 and also hate all Russians. I repeat the question, maybe start with your country? Call on Zelensky to destroy the pipeline, and then boycott and hate the Russians.

            1. You are a determined propagandist for Putin.
              Ukraine plays the hand it was dealt the best it can. They are fighting for their very existence.
              You might well be advised to read Putin’s words and see his actions before trying to undermine Ukraine’s defense.
              Putin has brought utter carnage to Ukraine (and disaster to Russia). Zelenskey is far from perfect but he is a true wartime leader.

          2. Fedor is a patriot of his homeland, sitting in a warm room heated by Russian gas, cooking on Russian gas, using vehicles whose fuels and lubricants are based on Russian oil. Thus sponsors Putin and this war more than the dev from Russia, whom he calls for a boycott. By the way, this dev is against the war, he always writes about it despite the threats from his government.

  4. war is a game for the wealthy ruling elite; we their subjects are the pieces with which the game is played. this app was made by human beings who happen to live in a country led by a bloodthirsty tyrant. they seem to be pushing against this tyrant’s penchant for violence and greed through music and creative expression. this app was not made by vladimir putin himself, but by human beings who have no power over the murderous devil who reigns over their homeland nor the choices he makes. please remember that we are all human. if we can all realize that, maybe we can rid ourselves of the horror of war.

    1. ‘they seem to be pushing against this tyrant’s penchant for violence and greed through music and creative expression’
      I’m sorry but it’s a bit late for that.

        1. Are you for real? You can’t even define ‘sin’ without getting tied up in knots.
          The word ‘Sin’ seems to exist soley for those who commit them to avoid the consequences. Once recognised (confessed) as a ‘sin’ then they can be conveniently forgiven (often for a small, indirect fee).
          I would say that the purveyors and arbiters of ‘sin’ have lead by example. See the shocking history (and very recent history) of the various Christian churches handling of paedophiles.
          It’d much better if the latest greatest translation of the good book read: ‘let those with sin be held accountable’.
          What was it the Pope said on July 30 2016? : “All of us here are sinners, all of us bear the weight of our sins. I don’t know if anyone believes he is free of sin”

  5. How comes that nobody blames Apple for giving them a platform to sell their app and make money with it? It’s Apple who does business with a Russian company.
    I guess it’s easier to boycott an app you weren’t interested in anyway than to boycott someone like Apple.

      1. Whataboutism?
        What are you even asking here? It’s pretty obvious that Apple does not have a problem to give money to Russia and to make some money in the process. You people attack Red Rock Sound for being Russian and for releasing an iOS app during a war, while all of you ignore that they could not sell that app without Apple. It is Apple who let them sell their app, it is Apple who accepts your money to give a Russian company their cut of it.
        If you are all so serious about your Russian hate, then you should look who is allowing them to make money in the first place. Boycott Apple if you want to hurt Russian companies. The same goes for you China hating people. Boycott Apple because they do a lot of business with China.

        1. Don’t be a wally.
          I asked a question. I didn’t tell you my position on Apple.

          ‘If you are all so serious about your Russian hate’
          Let’s be sure here, and don’t oversimplify my position. I ‘hate’ the Russian government for their genocide in Ukraine, their violent suppression of democracy and free-speech, their brutal repression of the regions in the Russian Federation, their flagrant international assasinations, their state-sponsored sports doping, the nuke-waving, genocide-enabling pundits on their state tv and the general bull that spews from Lavrov and his mates.
          To call for a complete boycott is not to hate the people, although I can see how you might perceive it so. It is a tool to end the war as quickly as possible.
          Putin must lose. His deluded, genocidal policies must be seen as a failure to the Russian people.
          The Russian people deserve a representative democracy not an authoritarian regime that is willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of its civilians on the Ukrainian frontlines. A regime that is willing to destroy its own economy, A regime that wants a new Soviet era and a new Iron Curtain.

          Gotta say that RRS really misjudged their marketing and timing by going for Soviet nostalgia whilst Russian rockets take out huge swathes of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

          I was hoping you’d tell us more about Apple’s position in Russia.
          It makes for interesting reading.
          Generally speaking, they’ve been terrible and absolutely deserve a boycott.
          Initially they made strong statements and pulled new products from the region.
          They never closed their AppStore. In late September they blocked VK apps because they thought a major shareholder was on the UK sanctions list. The apps were re-instated days later. Apple also admitted that their new hardware is available in Russian stores due to circumvention. A truly poor effort by Apple.

          ‘The same goes for you China hating people’
          There you go again. If you’d care to correct that to ‘….Chinese government hating people’ you’d be right. And why to I hate them? Because I love democracy and free speech, and not being arrested and tortured for not spouting the government line.

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