CEntrance Intros Bouncer Portable 10-Channel Line-Level Mixer & Recorder

Ahead of Synthplex 2o22 – being held Oct 27-30 in Burbank, California – CENTRANCE has introduced Bouncer, a 10-channel line-level mixer with a built-in 24-bit recorder.

Bouncer is a compact 10-channel line mixer with an integrated digital recorder. It’s designed to fit in your hand or attach to a tripod mount, but to provide enough power to let synthesists, DJs, and other live musicians mix and record several stereo sources.

CENTRANCE says that Bouncer offers pristine sound quality and is ideal for situations where using a traditional large mixer or a music computer is not practical due to space constraints. For ‘DAWless’ jammers, Bouncer offers CEntrance’s “One-touch recording” feature, letting you instantly record the stereo mix to a micro SD card, without using a computer workstation.

Bouncer employs high-scale component integration and packs a wide range of features into an aluminum chassis that’s about the size of a cellphone. The company says that the mixer/recorder uses tactile analog controls, is laid out logically, and can be accessed without looking. And, to help it survive the mobile and live use, it is made of lightweight aluminum.

Recording quality is fixed at 24-bit/48kHz for simplicity. SD cards with up to 256GB of memory can be used, which translates to over 10 days of continuous 24-bit recording.

Bouncer also includes a ‘loud’ audiophile headphone amp and a line-level output for monitoring over headphones or speakers. Thanks to a camera-style mount, Bouncer can easily clamp to a desk, a music stand or a keyboard stand, drum hardware, etc. Power comes from any standard USB charger or power bank via USB-C. A “through” jack can pass USB power to other devices.

“Bouncer is great for jamming in small spaces. As a live headphone mixer, it helps you dial in your perfect sound. As a portable recorder, it lets you quickly save the stereo mix of your performance to an SD card,” says Michael Goodman, CEntrance Founder. “We designed Bouncer to be easy to use. Now you can remove the computer from your setup, simplifying your rig and letting you choose music over menus.”

Pricing and Availability

Bouncer will be available in December 2022 for $599.99 USD.

3 thoughts on “CEntrance Intros Bouncer Portable 10-Channel Line-Level Mixer & Recorder

  1. As a user of MixPre I always think that when there’s any of such recorder out there, it should be possible to sync different units. Or if it’s meant for musicians, then overdubbing and backtracking is a must I assume, would be great if it could be synced over MIDI then. But at that price point, why should anyone bother!
    Hopefully it will sound good and people will find it useful.

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