Arturia Augmented Grand Piano ‘Ideal For Film Scoring, Video Game Soundtracks & Library Music Production’

Arturia has introduced Augmented GRAND PIANO, a software instrument that combines high-quality piano samples with modern synth engines.

The combination is, according to the company, “Ideal for film scoring, video game soundtracks, and library music production”.


  • Piano timbres unheard – Starting with beautifully captured recordings of an ‘80s Steinway Grand, embellished with unusual techniques like bowing, ping pong balls, and tape-processing, and fused with synthesis for fresh, exciting, outside-the-box piano sounds.
  • Production-ready sounds – Theatrical concert grand richness, platinum cinematic textures, evolving metallic atmospheres, barely-recognizable hybrid effects.
  • Transformative morphing – Users can animate tracks with timbres that flow between familiar & far-out, acoustic & synthetic, and pure & transformed with the powerful Morph control. Move between sound layers and make broad changes to multiple aspects of a sound with one control.
  • Instant expression – Customize and interact with Augmented GRAND PIANO’s sound intuitively with its array of straightforward macro controls, affecting various parameters and ensuring that expressive dynamics, articulation, and timbral control is only ever a click away.
  • Construct your sound – Every aspect of Augmented GRAND PIANO’s sound can be customized with 2 distinct layers, each including 2 sound sources, for weaving compound textures with whatever combination of samples and synthesis that users need.
  • Deep sound design – Augmented GRAND PIANO is “a shortcut to perfect piano sounds”, but its advanced panel lets users go deeper when a project calls for it. Add complex modulation, keep it moving with smart arpeggiation, and fine-tune sound layers in one place.

Pricing and Availability:

Augmented GRAND PIANO is available now for $99 USD. Registered users can access their intro pricing by logging in at the Arturia site.

5 thoughts on “Arturia Augmented Grand Piano ‘Ideal For Film Scoring, Video Game Soundtracks & Library Music Production’

    1. perhaps, but Kontakt is chained to a dying company lol.

      (also the UIs of the augumented range completely outgun most any kontakt instrument)

    2. Not at all. The clean interface is just fun to use. Kontakt never made sense to me as a sort of plugin wrapper. Like why? Maybe the sounds are similar since they are both samplers, can sound like what you put in it, but the Augmented’s macros, the modulation options and the sequencing. Weird to even compare it to Kontakt at all. They are single plugins with a single purpose, not sure what Kontakt is trying to do beside be open enough for external developers so you have to buy Kontakt to use those plugins and not just use the player.

  1. I would say handy for film scoring because ideal would be recording the Bluthner at Abbey Road with John Kurlander as your engineer. ?

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