Arturia Debuts MiniLab 3 MIDI Controller

Arturia today announced the availability of MiniLab 3, a compact MIDI controller keyboard that represents the evolution of their Lab range of music-making hardware & software.

MiniLab 3 promises users an easy-to-use, portable production workflow, combining a slim keybed, expanded controls, deeper DAW & Arturia plugin integration, and a bundle of creative software.


  • 25 note velocity-sensitive slim keyboard
  • Pads & controls
    • 2 banks of 8 velocity & pressure sensitive pads with RGB backlighting
    • 8 rotary encoders
    • 4 sliders
    • 2 capacitive touch sensors for pitch bend and modulation wheel
  • Display control
    • Mini display & clickable browsing knob
    • Real-time feedback on tweaks and controls
  • “Smart features”:
    • Built-in arpeggiator
    • Chord mode
    • Hold function
    • Octave up and down buttons
    • Semitone transpose
  • Software integration
    • Seamless integration with all Arturia software instruments, including Analog Lab: select sounds, browse presets and smart-assigned controls
    • 1 DAW preset for automatic integration with any major DAWs
    • DAW Transport Control with MCU protocol for every other DAWs
    • Up to 5 user presets for a totally customizable experience
  • Connectivity
    • USB-C connects to computers and iPad
    • MIDI 5-pin DIN output for connection to external instruments, gear
    • Control input for pedal: sustain, expression, or footswitch
    • USB powered
  • Size & weight
    • Instrument size: 14 x 8.7 x 2 inches (355 x 220 x 50mm)
    • Instrument weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 Kg)

Pricing and Availability

MiniLab 3 is available now for 99€ / $109.

7 thoughts on “Arturia Debuts MiniLab 3 MIDI Controller

    1. How could the French forget that you US Americans have “yuge” hands? You know what? Big guns… errr big synthesizer make your hands look really tiny, while minikeys make them look even bigger.
      With this controller your hands will look like the yugest hands in all of (US) America. The average Karen will so love you for this.

    2. Property and as a direct result space, are at a premium

      If you can afford it – consider yourself lucky

      The rest of us peasants need minikeys

  1. Oh wow- I was just looking for something I could use to control my iPad Pro so I can play music in bed : )
    This seems perfect!!!

  2. Like the full MIDI din but this thing isnt that small :/ at 14 x 8.7 x 2 inches (355 x 220 x 50mm) is bigger than the one I use for travel, Launchkey Mini mk3 330mm length x 172mm depth x 31mm (40mm including knob-caps) height. Arturia gave this thing 5 year warranty?! Also the usb-c while better than the horrible micro usb cannot beat the chunky usb-b the Launchkey Mini mk3 has. Then whats up with Arturia using those mini micro screens? The new MiniFreak has some cool animations a-la Elektron but in a screen you need a microscope to enjoy. A step up from the mk2 but imo the Launchkey mk3 has better features. Mini keys dont bother me one bit with my beautiful small delicate surgeon hands :p

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