Akai Professional Intros MPK Mini Plus MIDI Controller

Akai Professional has introduced the MPK Mini Plus, a compact 3-octave mini-key MIDI controller with 8 velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads.

The controller packs a lot of capability into a compact device, including 8 assignable 360-rotary knobs; Chords and Scales Modes; transport controls; a joystick controller; and analog CV/Gate and Sync I/O.


  • 37-key Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed
  • 8 RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads
  • Step Sequencer
  • CV/Gate I/O
  • 5-pin MIDI In/MIDI Out
  • Dedicated Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels
  • Assignable Joystick Controller
  • DAW Transport Controls
  • 8 Assignable Rotary Knobs

Pricing and Availability

The MPK Mini Plus is available now for $169.00 USD.

11 thoughts on “Akai Professional Intros MPK Mini Plus MIDI Controller

  1. …very interesting as i find the GUIs of Arturia’s rekated product line very unintuitive.

    No individual Midi channels on the drum pads is a dealbreaker though…
    (because working with hardware).

    This was one of the biggest omissions of the first batch of Arturia Beatstep
    …until they fixed it years later with the Black line rerelease. (Apparently they sold enough, Woohoo!… me and every body else had loong give up about it by then…

      1. …not only did i do my research before buying, i am informing fellow potential buyers about it and i give akai the idea to to fix it in early stage (and not after 3 years as Arturia did).

        so it seems my is post is fully constructive as for yours is the same old personal attacks that apparently you think is fun trolling while in reality they are completely humorless and seriously decreasing the quality of this website ‘s content.
        I seriously wonder why your posts don’t get deleted. Thanks for dropping bye.

        1. “I seriously wonder why your posts don’t get deleted. ”

          This is because Gadi’s comment “you complain about something very specific you could avoid by checking the manual before you purchased” may be disagreeable, but it’s a statement about your comment that doesn’t rise up to the level of a personal attack.

          We ask that readers keep comments on topic and constructive, but we’re not trying to moderate ‘spicy’ comments – just ones that are personal attacks, hate speech, spam, etc.

          1. that exact rhetorical argument (the ‘you could have read the manual one’) has being used repeatedly together with repeated personal attack’s all over the comment section last months anyway i guess some people enjoy a moronic humorless bully . i don’t care for censure ship anyway. I would say be a bit more attentive to the personal attacks as the general level and information value is being majorly dragged down here imho.

            1. teknoid

              Thanks for the feedback.

              We do not pre-screen comments before they are published. The only comments that are manually moderated are ones from new commenters (to avoid spam, hate speech, porn links, etc), comments from people with a history of leaving problematic comments, and comments that are flagged for moderation because of suspicious content (lots of links, certain words that are red flags, etc.).

              This means that, like on any other site that allows user comments, you will occasionally see comments that you may find offensive.

              If you see a comment that you think is a personal attack, please use the Feedback link, which is at the top of every page of this site, to report it and we will look into it.

              Note that we will delete attacks on people (“You’re an idiot!”), but not attacks on things (“Your comment is idiotic.” “The DX7 sucks!”).

              Also, don’t confuse censorship with basic moderation. People are free to express any opinions relevant to this site in the comments, as long as they are not personal attacks, hate speech, spam, etc, which are a liability for the site.

      2. hey gadi ,
        screaming at the cars passing bye again? nice!

        Apparently i did my research, and i am informing potential buyers about it.
        Also i am giving akai the idea to fix this it in early stage, and not after 3 years as Arturia did.

        Gadi, last week you wrote that you think your trolling is ‘fun’.
        I would like to congratulate you on your outstanding sense of humor, your comments are pure delight!

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