Akai Professional Intros AIR Flavor Pro Effects Plugin for MPC

Akai Professional has introduced AIR Flavor Pro effects plugin for MPC, a lo-fi multi-effects plugin, designed to manipulate samples, melodies, loops, and instruments to add retro flavor.

Flavor Pro features 6 effects modules:

  • Pitch Flutter
  • Tape Saturation
  • Tape Dropouts
  • Distortion
  • Drift to 12/8 Bit sampling
  • Vinyl rumble, hum, pops & crackle emulations.

Here’s the official Flavor Pro overview video:


  • Classic vintage sampling emulations
  • Sample & bit rate reduction
  • Distortion & analog saturation
  • Vinyl noise, clicks, pops, rumble, hum
  • Tape drift, dropouts, age
  • Vintage tape flutter, wobble movement
  • Eq profiles
  • Tube distortion, resistors
  • Hp/lp filters
  • Variant controls
  • Stereo width enhancements

Requires Force 3.2 or MPC 2.11.6 firmware update.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

Flavor Pro is available now with an intro price of $69 USD (normally $99).

10 thoughts on “Akai Professional Intros AIR Flavor Pro Effects Plugin for MPC

    1. Someone made a comment about paid Akai commenters. Just came back to say, I said this on my own accord. The new plugins are great.

  1. Yeah, I was surprised at how good it sounded. The flavor plugin already included is good but this is a multieffect with great sounding distortion and the vinyl sim is very close to what the sp404 can create, but a lot cleaner with more control obver parameters. I spent a night just resampling a few drumkits throught the saturator just to have a few warm kits to play along with analog samples from my polybrute. I do have other plugins on the ocmputer, Klevgrand DAw casette, osc-45, softube dirty tape and the tape mello from arturia and this one is nothing to scoff at. Its good and in a hardware sampler.

  2. fun fact: Their home planet, Psychlo has an atmosphere very different from that of the Earth, and their “breathe-gas” actually explodes upon contact with even a trace amount of radioactive metals, including uranium.

  3. Akai’s come a long way since their hilariously bad reverb algorithm for the Miniak synth. It was so bad that you could really only use it as a decimator/distortion. You gotta hear it to believe it.

  4. This is great. Also, there is a wonderful video that Andy Mac did with Jack Duxbury & Anderton’s that those on the fence should see. Now that The Force is able to make use of all the synth/FX content, I’ll be getting everything once finances allow.

    1. Possibly, though regarding my comment, I’m pretty sure Akai would prefer that people forget how insanely bad their Miniak reverb was

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