MIDI Blaster Controller Campaign Fully Funded In 2 Hours

this.is.NOISE today launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the MIDI Blaster, a MIDI controller featuring 4 infrared sensors and RGB LED’s, designed to give you gestural control over 4 effects.

The device uses these infrared sensors to track your hand across 4 points, then sends the corresponding CC data to your DAW or synth to control 4 effects simultaneously, yet individually. The developers say that “The result is the potential for incredible soundscapes at the tilt of your hand, offering a splash of RGB goodness and musical creativity.”


  • 4 Infrared Sensors and RGB LEDs
  • 2 Assignable Buttons
  • Rigid Black Aluminum Casing
  • Acrylic Faceplate
  • CC or MPE Message Support
  • LED Effects
  • Preset Support

Pricing and Availability:

The MIDI Blaster is available to campaign backers with pricing starting at $99-$124.99 USD. The campaign reached its funding goal within 2 hours of launching.

Note that crowdfunding campaigns can involve risk. See the Indiegogo site for details.

17 thoughts on “MIDI Blaster Controller Campaign Fully Funded In 2 Hours

    1. Looks double d-beam with the function of a single d-beam. That product intro showed a single response per device, unless I’m a deaf fool (also likely).

      What are the extra 2 sensors for? Do they increase precision?

      Glad I’ve 2 SP606s now.

  1. I jumped in on it – it has multiple sensors and trs midi so it seems pretty fun – I still have my airsynth from back in the day and it is always a crowd pleaser when you use it live

  2. The function itself is impressive, like a 4X D-Beam. I’d enjoy seeing someone really wring it out creatively. I bet it’d make a nice pitch bender… If the build is good, its a DJ’s dream, like a hardware version of Sugar Bytes’ Turnado. Good editor, too.

      1. hmm. I don’t think this is correct unless there are some more recent D-Beam designs I haven’t seen. Usually there are 2 LED’s per D-Beam, but both are part of a single ‘sensor’: one is an infrared LED to illuminate your hand, and the second is the receiving LED across which the photocurrent is measured.

    1. that is cool but actually $99 is way cheaper for what you get – it has an enclosure and trs midi + 2 assignable buttons and supports presets whereas that is $65 for a raw board with USB only.

  3. Met these guys at NAMM and liked their style. Sponsored! Speaking of AirFX, this could be a cool controller for the Korg NTS-1 when using it as an effect processor. Map CCs to reverb, delay, and modulation time and depth (CC 36, 33, 28, and 29, respectively). Or sweep the arpeggiator pattern and length (CC 117 and 119) for wild bursts of notes.

    1. ooh I didn’t think of that – cool idea – I was kind of thinking with the trs midi it might be fun to play with using on the roland e4 voice tweaker

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