Korg M1 For Nautilus Gives Their Latest Workstation An ’80s Injection

Korg has introduced M1 for Nautilus, a free pack that takes the workstation back to the ’80s.

With M1 for Nautilus, Korg has brought the sound of the classic M1 to Nautilus. The pack includes the full complement of 100 programs, 100 combis, and the original demo songs first seen and heard in M1.

As one of the most recorded workstations of all time, it has become iconic as the sound of the late 80s and 90s. And the M1 sound is as useful as every, as demonstrated by Beyonce’s recent love letter to the Korg M1, the track Break My Soul.

In addition to being able to play the full content of M1 within Nautilus, it is also possible to take advantage of the huge evolution in technological and musical power it represents.

This includes: powerful effects, drum tracks, arpeggiators, smooth sound transition, huge polyphony (M1 had 16 notes!), 16-part combis (M1 had 8), 32 track audio and MIDI sequencing, immersive ease of use with real-time controls and color touch screen, and access to 9 other unique sound engines.

Pricing and Availability

M1 for Nautilus is available now as a free download.

One thought on “Korg M1 For Nautilus Gives Their Latest Workstation An ’80s Injection

  1. Hey Korg, any gifts for Kronos? It will be cool even for Korg Collection (VST) owners.

    Anyone tried to install to Kronos?

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