Cherry Audio Teases Yamaha CS-80 Virtual Instrument, ‘The Greatest Synthesizer Of All Time’

Cherry Audio today shared this Blade Runner-inspired teaser for a new virtual instrument, saying that “They’re replicating the greatest synthesizer of all time.”

That synth would be the Yamaha CS-80, the instrument that Vangelis relied on to create the sound of Blade Runner.

Details are to come, but Cherry Audio’s flagship software synthesizer will debut November 22nd, 2022, at 10 am Pacific Standard Time.

22 thoughts on “Cherry Audio Teases Yamaha CS-80 Virtual Instrument, ‘The Greatest Synthesizer Of All Time’

    1. I immediately got a tinge of familiarity when I heard that voice, and sure, there’s a little bit of Ronnie Raygun in there. Listened a couple more times and it’s hard for me to place, almost comes off like Harlan Ellison trying to do a “character” voice.

  1. Try three weeks from now: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022. (The 2nd is tomorrow, a Wednesday.) Despite all that, my interest is definitely piqued! Cherry Audio has proven themselves time and time again.

  2. Hey, Cherry, if you hear me. Time to release Synth Stack 3 with latest 4 synths and upgrade prices for SS1 and SS2 owners.

  3. i cant imagine anyone getting excited over a synth plugin… let alone another cs80 clone

    but then again – here we are

    “say my name”

    1. lol well TBF, “excited” was never mentioned in my comment. I just support CA releases. I like the company. I like their plug-ins so I buy their stuff. Thus the instant buy.

      Arminator 2 is great. But it’s only for Windows, I have the Arturia collection I use it, I like it.
      I’m guessing the CA plug-in will likely be $39 to $59 when they release it.

      And maybe one day CA will do a Vsynth plug-in, and then, I’ll probably get a little “excited.”

      “Imagine” that.

  4. It’s going to have to be substantially better than the Arturia one (which is pretty nice, and included with a dozen+ other emulators) IMO to be a huge hit.

  5. Jesus, when does it stop…this boring “let’s emulate the past” thing? It’s always the same. And no, I don’t want to sound like friggin’ Vangelis. Cheery Audio makes nice things, but riding this dead horse forever makes no sense to me.

    1. Stefano – any idiot can make new sounds on a new instrument and be impressed by the novelty of it.

      Making new sounds and interesting music on a classic instrument, though, is the true test of a synthesist and composer.

      Do you think that the CS-80 made Vangelis sound like Vangelis – or that Vangelis made the CS-80 sound like Vangelis?

      1. Then I’d rather be an idiot who creates a new timbre here and there. Imo more interesting then fidiling with sounds from 45 years ago. Vangelis made good music, but now he’s mouse dead. We should explore new acoustic grounds and territories and find our own voice, each of us.

    2. Is it always the same? I’m not sure if I would classify the Cherry Audio Sines as a “…this boring ‘let’s emulate the past’ thing.”

    3. Developers do mainly two things: 1. Stuff that interests the developers. 2. Stuff that interests buyers. They are not mutually exclusive.

      I tend to agree with the general idea that having new innovative synths is my preference. And on more than one occasion, I’ve been a little pissy about how much stuff is same-old same-old. It’s slightly possible that I coined the acronym YASS (yet another subtractive synth) on this very website.

      I was very happy to see the Juno 106 thingy from CA, as I liked that synth long ago. Good bass sounds. It’s better when the new version adds some options that the originals lacked.

      The CS-80 seems like a very big and worthy challenge to make. I’m intrigued. Probably will pass, unless it’s cooler than I think.

  6. IIRC, Roland’s V-Synth contains sounds & sample data copyrighted by the company. You won’t see anyone go there but Roland’s own Cloud. That’s part of why synths based on analog or FM can be legally emulated once the patents run out.

    Besides, the V-Synth experience is similar to that of the CS-80. You miss a key aspect unless you lay hands to the unique GUI. A controller can be assigned into coming close, but not 100%. That said, I figure CA will do right by the CS-80. They’ve done it with everything else.

  7. In my experience, the beauty and magic of the cs80 is the super expressive keyboard tied to that buttery sound engine.
    The plugin might sound very close to the real thing
    But lacks everything that made it great

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