‘Lost’ ARP Demo From 1973

The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation, a non-profit corporation, dedicated to preserving the legacy of ARP founder Alan R. Pearlman, shared this ‘lost’ ARP demo from 1973.

The video, A Time For Music….Presents Tom Piggott Playing The ARP Synthesizer, captures a contemporary demonstration of several ARP synths, including the Pro-Soloist, 2600 & Odyssey.

The video is interesting as a demonstration of the instruments, but also as a time capsule for the era when they were introduced.

5 thoughts on “‘Lost’ ARP Demo From 1973

  1. I am glad they “found” it. Interesting video, Mr. Piggott gave a good explanation in the beginning and later it looked like he is having fun playing (with) the synths. Overall a very enjoyable watch.

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