Behringer Intros Mu-Tron Bi-Phase Knockoff, The ‘Dual Phase’ Phaser

The classic Mu-Tron Bi-Phase

Behringer today introduced the Dual Phase hardware phaser pedal – a knockoff of the classic 1970’s Mu-Tron Bi-Phase dual phaser.

Like the original Mu-Tron Bi-Phase, the Dual Phase features two independent 6-stage phasor circuits, two sweep generators, and a number of additional controls to let you create a wide variety of phasing effects.

Behringer’s pedal copies the schematics and look of the original Bi-Phase. While the original was a desktop unit with a remote foot controller, making it easy to tweak the effect settings, the Behringer version treats the entire unit as a foot pedal.

Here’s what Behringer has to say about it:

“The DUAL-PHASE is an authentic recreation of the popular phase shifter from the ’70s. It features 2 phase shifters, each with their own RATE, DEPTH and FEEDBACK controls, that you can then run in series or parallel. Each phase shifter also allows you to switch the wave shape oscillator between sine and square wave.

The DUAL-PHASE brings all the amazing features from the original ‘70s design, plus a few modern ones, that are sure to enhance your pedal board or synth setup.”

Behringer’s knockoff will be a welcome addition to many, given that the original now sells for over $2,000 used.

Pricing and Availability

Behringer says that the Dual Phase is available now (“in stock and immediately shipping from our factory”) for $159 USD.

46 thoughts on “Behringer Intros Mu-Tron Bi-Phase Knockoff, The ‘Dual Phase’ Phaser

      1. Mr Bergis, you are indeed a wonder!

        I love the phaser in the Eventide H9; very funky algorithm. my memory of the OG bi-phase was very positive. looking forward to modifying this little beauty too.

  1. U gotta give’m it to b-ear-ringer here on this one the Mutron Bi-Phase is the sound that personified(s) phasin’ethics -if u may & for that kind of $ money?! Geez¡ U sorta kinda gotta hand it to’em they copy some amazing pieces of gear¡ I mean JZ used ARP 2600(the)Mutron BP & Rhodes in WR (and made’m scream¡!) for(a)truly definitive iconic(sound)’s…b-ear-ringer has, as of late here now, are makin’ the two former (aforementioned)[2600&Mutron]{not Rhodes} so they are reproducing some legendary stuff in their cloneclownknockoffworkshopinchiner thanx folks

  2. Behringer. <—Grown man typing. Sounds pretty good. Weren't they supposed to be knocking off the moogerfoogers? Or is that just my imagination playing tricks on me?

    1. Music Tribe’s is like a cover band that churns out endless copies of other people’s music on Spotify, except they don’t pay royalties and have trademarked Pink Floyd and the entire Dark Side of the Moon album as their own, claiming that the band no longer uses the name for new stuff and recorded the music a long time ago.

      1. It’s nothing like that – the reason being that nobody is demanding to listen to shit cover bands

        However they are demanding cheap electronics – and why wouldn’t they? It’s 2022

        If you can buy a €5000 flat screen OLED TV and a €500 flat screen OLED TV in the same store then why should synthesizers being singled out for special treatment?

        I’m glad it’s not your decision at any rate

      1. tbh, have owning them all with some doubles – the MF-104m is the best of them to get. the phaser is good too… but then, almost any phasor is good. MF’s don’t play as well together as one would hope. often the flexibility falls short of what individual modules would give you, since some option was eliminated in favor of something else. oh, and if Behringer does them, I hope they don’t use the same tri-color LED scheme. it’s unreadable for red/green blind folks. B’s been doing pretty good on this front – better than anyone else imho.

        1. It’s been a decade or so since I owned one, but found the MF-103 phaser to be pretty flat and boring. Lacking character, dark, mid-range heavy, resonance that sounded like a sine wave laid over the signal. It did nothing well, at least nothing like I consider good analog phasing to do.. warm syrupy phase with a vocal resonance.

  3. I bought one of these very early on (from SW), then they weren’t available anywhere. I thought they had been stopped because it’s a spot-on copy of the OG Bi-phase. Smaller in size, but very similar in character. I owned an original Bi-phase back in the day, so it’s fun to get ‘that sound’ again. It’s shockingly good.

      1. Well they’re not wrong, it doesn’t seem to be available. Maybe it’s the person up above who needed to buy three of them, causing them to sell out already. Do you really have to inject politicking into it though? You’ve got two comments here and they both ooze sjw.

      2. Why do you want to involve politic? It is a fake news because the links on behringer website leads to nowhere, there is no way to buy the unit.
        Saying “available now” does not correspond to reality

        1. You are confusing ‘fake news’ with ‘bullshit corporations tell you’.

          Behringer had some stock available, since a few readers have said that they already placed orders. But they obviously don’t have much, since it’s now showing as out of stock everywhere.

      1. Let’s recap:

        – Amazon link leads to their Behringer front page, where there is no dual phase available

        – Sweetwater link leats to their homepage with this message: No results found for: “Behringer DUAL-PHASE”

        – Thomann link leads to the Dual Phase page, with this message:
        “Available in several months. This item will be shipped as soon as it reaches us. Unfortunately, we cannot give a more precise delivery date at the moment”

        – Cosmo link says: OUT OF STOCK – AVAILABLE TO ORDER

        – Anderton sys: Sorry, we couldn’t find any results for ”
        The product you are looking for might be temporarily out of stock

    1. They’ve delivered on more synth products in the last 7 years than almost all the other well known large companies combined

      1. the same could be said for traffic here. Behringer threads get can get 10x the traffic of other vendor threads. Behringer posts are great for ad click business here, and elsewhere.

        1. What point are you making?

          Quite obviously if you announce and manufacture more synths than your competitors then you are going to generate more news and gossip

  4. You all do know that mutron is still a small private company who makes awesome pedals at a reasonable price instead of this multi national Corp who just steals other people’s designs and makes them cheap in China right?

    1. Holy shit! This really is a straight up rip-off of Mutron’s pedal:

      It also shows you how much cheaper a multi-national corporation using Chinese ‘slave labor’ can make something for, compared to a small company.

      How can people take issue with anyone calling this a ‘knockoff’ and expect not to get laughed at?

      1. ‘slave labor’…..

        You can also see it like this:
        No slave labor = no jobs at all
        No jobs at all = no money to surive.

        the concept is very simple and called “something is better than nothing, when it comes to survival”

          1. No, that point can’t be reached until all of us old-fucks either die natural deaths or are executed by the Communists/Socialists.

            1. Removing Communists/Socialists how will that help?

              Have we not seen history milestones, where non-Communists/Socialists countries import and enslave people too?

      2. So let’s see here:

        You own absolutely no other products that have been manufactured in China?

        Of course you do – you just give less of a fuck about those

        I’m sure you’re on all those other electronics forums giving out about your TV and smart phone in the same way right?

        1. So you’re saying that, when given a choice between supporting the people that actually design and create interesting gear, you’re all-in with buying the cheap Chinese knockoff.

          And you justify that by arguing that everything’s made in China now.

          Ok then.

          That sort of attitude is why western manufacturing went down the toilet.

          1. Consumer “attitude” is pretty low on the list of reasons why western manufacturing went down the toilet. The real answer is: capitalist barons finding new and exciting ways to exploit and expand their capital.

            The mu-tron bi-phase II has been out of stock just about anytime I’ve checked the product page, so my guess is they’re selling just about as well as they can. And anyway, Behringer’s “knock-off” will likely drive sales and attention toward mu-tron.

          2. No, you’re deliberately taking the wrong meaning from what I’ve said

            What does it matter who I support and how ?

            What matters is that I have a choice between premium and cheap

            If I can buy a cheap knockoff of a Sony OLED TV then it follows I should be able to buy a knockoff of almost any other electronic device

            That’s how all electronics the world over are marketed – actually everything that can be bought and sold works off this principle

            But for some reason – according to you – the laws of consumerism shouldn’t extend to synths and pedals?

            What a laugh – and the bare faced hypocrisy of it if you also happen to own, or have ever owned even one cheaply made electronic device made in China

          3. I think an equally valid point can be made for the cause of the decline in Western manufacturing being due to political greed and corruption.

  5. IIRC (and I probably do, but at my age you never know), back in the day there was a split consensus on what was the “best” phaser sound, and it was between the Bi-Phase and the MXR Phase-90 (and certainly wasn’t the Small Stone). Personally, I was always a Phase-90 fan, but I used it mostly for my Stringman and occasionally for an M3 organ, and I remember the effect being more subtle (at least using the one geometric phase preset I always used) than the Bi-Phase. However, every guitar player I knew at the time loved their Bi-Phase. Personally, I’m perfectly satisfied with all of the phaser options I have available as software (including at least two specific modelings of the Bi-Phase), since everything gets routed through my DAWs, anyway. However, given the price, I’ll most likely pick this Behringer clone up when they eventually become off-the-shelf products. Now, I’m, literaly, scratching my head trying ro remember what I did with my Phase-90.

  6. I feel bad when Behringer knock off present products (Keylab). But most of the time they are challenging the silly aftermarket prices on used gear that is long out of production. So…

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