Novation Circuit Rhythm Version 2.0 Update Now Available

Novation has announced the availability of Circuit Rhythm firmware 2.0

Circuit Rhythm’s firmware 2.0 update introduces editable Grid FX, Beat Match, Fixed Length Recording and improved arrangement capabilities.

The release continues Novation’s track record for releasing major firmware updates for its Circuit devices, even well after the devices were initially introduced.

Here’s what’s new in Circuit Rhythm 2.0:

  • With the new Beat Match feature, Circuit Rhythm owners can speed their samples up or down to get drum breaks perfectly in time with their session.
  • Fixed Length Recording lets users record samples in perfect time with their current project.
  • A new toggle in the Sample Record View lets creators choose between a fixed length sample recording of 8, 16, 32, or 64 steps.
  • You can now create dynamic sonic performances and take control of grid FX parameters directly from Circuit Rhythm using editable Grid FX.
  • Patterns and muted track states can be saved to Scenes, to quickly build an arrangement.

The firmware 2.0 update for Circuit Rhythm opens the doors for truly expressive beats and vibrant performances, giving beatmakers new ways to make music and stay inspired.

Pricing and Availability

The firmware update is a free download and is available now via the Novation site.

8 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Rhythm Version 2.0 Update Now Available

    1. The problem with screens is interface designers tend to relay on them.Tracks (and I guess, Rhythm) does just fine without it. And there’s the software for deeper sound creation, sample management and stuff.

      I hope this means there’s one incoming update for the Tracks also. I really wish they will fix the lack of MIDI through, and improve all the MIDI management in fact. I use mine for sequencing hardware synths, and the lack of MIDI through is really annoying, more so since for some unknown reason the Tracks does not do well with my MIDI hub (that happens to work perfectly with all my other stuff).

        1. RK-006?…If you own a Tracks and have a workable setup with a master keyboard sending MIDI to both the Tracks and the hardware synths (that are meant to be sequenced by the Tracks) without any issues I wouldn’t mind if you elaborate a little more.

          I would still be annoyed by having to spend 140 € in a device I don’t really need, since, for example, the Launchpad Pro MK3 from the same Novation (using it also as a standalone hardware sequencer) does the MIDI through just fine and has no issues at all with the MIDI hub I already own.

  1. Really nice update. I’ll probably order one in two weeks. If there’s a good deal. Currently Amazon is selling it for €250 (for a few minutes it was €239), which is a great price, but I don’t like to do business with them.

  2. Muting tracks for scene record is a time saver. Felt like something that should have been there since the beginning. Would love to see an option to apply grid FX to individual tracks, a little cheesy using them across everything at once.

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