BLEASS Releases Megalit Wavetable Synth For iOS, Mac & Windows

BLEASS has introduced Megalit, a new wavetable synth for iOS, Mac & Windows that they say “packs the stunning depth, power and sound quality of modern plugin synthesizers into an instrument that’s as satisfying to play as it is easy to program.”

Megalit features a blend of wavetable and classic subtractive oscillators, flexible filtering and post-processing, and an extensive set of advanced modulation sources, paired with an intuitive interface.


  • Advanced wavetable oscillators can adjust both wavetable position and fold, bringing near-infinite variety to each of the synth’s 135 wavetables;
  • Per-oscillator unison mode allows you to create complex layering that would normally require you to load additional synths into your project;
  • Noise generator with dedicated high- and low-pass filtering for flexible non-tonal sounds and sound components;
  • Resonant high-pass and low-pass filters that can be applied to individual oscillators or pairs of oscillators, as can the built-in waveshaper and bit-crusher processors;
  • Four LFOs, each with its own timing curve and output smoothing, that allow for the creation of complex modulation patterns;
  • Advanced Motion Sequencer, for the creation of complex repeating modulation patterns;
  • Per-patch storage of performance controller response curves ensure a sound will always respond the way you
    expect it to;
  • A patch randomizing feature that they say is designed to always produces usable sounds; and
  • Built-in multi-band upward/downward compressor, providing control over a sound’s dynamics and punchiness.

Pricing and Availability

Megalit is available now, with the following intro pricing:

  • Desktop: intro price $49 / 49€ (instead of ($99 / 99€)
  • iOS: intro price $14,99 / 17,99€ (instead of $24,99 / 29,99€)er 5th.

5 thoughts on “BLEASS Releases Megalit Wavetable Synth For iOS, Mac & Windows

  1. BLEASS is another company, (like Cherry Audio and Audiomodern) that I choose to support so an instant buy for me. Been playing with it a couple of days now, yummy audio fun. Have always been partial to apps with randomize buttons so another plus for me. Usually I start playing with an app or vst or a hardware thingy, or whatever … and hours fly by and I am lost down some rabbit hole so I know it’s a winner for me. Two thumbs up.

    Side note: just discovered Freakshow Industries. Wow. Brilliant creativity off the charts IMHO. I was doing weird mashups on my YouTube channel like 15 years ago so when I went to their YouTube channel and saw how they were promoting their stuff I loved it. Again, IMHO brilliant imaginative, off the charts creativity. Cheers to the bold and the fearless. 🙂

  2. BLEASS apps on iOS are always an insta-buy for me, and I always find myself using them a LOT in my workflow. I probably have more than enough wavetable things but still got this one straight away, so far is as intuitive and beautiful as all the others!

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