Soundpaint 2.0’s New Hyper Acoustic Legato Technology Will Blow Your Mind (Sneak Preview)


Soundpaint today shared a sneak preview of Soundpaint 2.0, a major update that introduced a new technology, Hyper Acoustic Legato (HAL), a seamless polyphonic legato technology that lets you play an instrument both as a solo and/or ensemble at the same time.

It’s designed to address the limitations of traditional sampling technology, which tends to make wind and brass instruments sound super-cheesy. As the video demonstrates, Soundpaint 2.0’s new technology lets you play legato and sustained melodies from a keyboard and get surprisingly realistic acoustic instrument results.

Soundpaint 2.0 also includes:

  • Updated USI (User Sample Import) Tool. Now supporting all bit and Khz rates.
  • New Virtual Keyboard lets you see what notes you are playing.
  • New Rack Legato Module (Controllers for our H.A.L engine)
  • New Rack Story Module. Letting you put pictures and notes to your instruments.
  • New Sound Modes. Including Legato and Dynamic Sustains. Dynamic Sustains use a new technology called Morph Shading, which renders 127 different sustains in real-time.
  • Full Protools (AAX) Support
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

Details on availability are to be announced.

8 thoughts on “Soundpaint 2.0’s New Hyper Acoustic Legato Technology Will Blow Your Mind (Sneak Preview)

  1. haven’t tried the OT Sine one, but seems to me Soundpaint is a really good implementation of a standalone vendor-based player – esp cp to the really annoying (to me) Spitfire one. It has excellent cross-library sound mashing capabilities and a usable interface in the capability vs complexity tradeoff.

  2. I think this software is suburb and very overlooked currently, the ‘127’ velocity layer thing from 1 sample, the morph engine and FX are really top notch. The instrument is free, can import your own samples and you get 3 free instrument packs (that have ‘parts’ you can make new instruments from) – what’s not to like!! If you want to buy any of their sampled instruments the packs are from $15-50 and if you use this link, you get a free $15 off voucher!

  3. Wow, that’s simply the best sax simulation I’ve heard so far and it seems to be extremely well playable; on my wish list.

  4. Usually, when I hear a demo “bathed” in reverb, my B.S. detector kicks up a level. However, this demo really does an impressive job of taking sampling to a new level of realism. In addition to the legato aspects, there are very natural sounding post attack dynamics and release characteristics, as well. And those unison lines sound surprisingly natural.

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