Arturia V Collection 9.1 Brings Free Performance Updates

Arturia has released V Collection 9.1, a free update for V Collection 9 users that expands the accessibility, personalization, hardware integration, and creativity of V Collection 9.

The update is available now via Arturia Software Center, and users can log in on to find out more information.

Here’s what’s included in V Collection 9.1 :

  • New sound design tutorials for KORG MS-20 V, Prophet-5 V, CS-80 V, and SQ80 V
  • Analog Lab polyphony, MPE, and Vocoder V enhancements
  • Universal browser keyboard shortcuts and voiceover feedback compatibility
  • MiniLab 3 V Collection instrument integration
  • Enhanced tagging & playlist customization
  • Arturia Software Center (ASC) custom resource location
  • V Collection NKS certification
  • Performance & bug fixes

Pricing and Availability

Arturia V Collection 9 normally sells for $599, but is currently available at an introductory discount for $299. The 9.1 update is available as a free download for current V Collection 9 owners.

10 thoughts on “Arturia V Collection 9.1 Brings Free Performance Updates

    1. I am on pigments + V8 and also FX collection 2. I do not plan to upgrade because the extra instruments and FX don’t feel worth the price for the relatively minor upgrade. A lot of the stuff that they added I already had covered with other Vsts.

      That said, V9 still seems to be another quality Arturia product.

      1. The upgrade price for me with V8 to V9 is $99 right now for Black Friday. Definitely worth it for a new soft synth, synth upgrades, augmented voices and piano, etc.

    2. For $99 (if that is the price available to you for black friday) yes, it is worth it. Korg MS20, augmented strings, augmented voices, cs80 upgrade, prophet upgrade, others as well.

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