Arturia V Collection 9.1 Brings Free Performance Updates

Arturia has released V Collection 9.1, a free update for V Collection 9 users that expands the accessibility, personalization, hardware integration, and creativity of V Collection 9.

The update is available now via Arturia Software Center, and users can log in on to find out more information.

Here’s what’s included in V Collection 9.1 :

  • New sound design tutorials for KORG MS-20 V, Prophet-5 V, CS-80 V, and SQ80 V
  • Analog Lab polyphony, MPE, and Vocoder V enhancements
  • Universal browser keyboard shortcuts and voiceover feedback compatibility
  • MiniLab 3 V Collection instrument integration
  • Enhanced tagging & playlist customization
  • Arturia Software Center (ASC) custom resource location
  • V Collection NKS certification
  • Performance & bug fixes

Pricing and Availability

Arturia V Collection 9 normally sells for $599, but is currently available at an introductory discount for $299. The 9.1 update is available as a free download for current V Collection 9 owners.

10 thoughts on “Arturia V Collection 9.1 Brings Free Performance Updates

    1. I am on pigments + V8 and also FX collection 2. I do not plan to upgrade because the extra instruments and FX don’t feel worth the price for the relatively minor upgrade. A lot of the stuff that they added I already had covered with other Vsts.

      That said, V9 still seems to be another quality Arturia product.

      1. The upgrade price for me with V8 to V9 is $99 right now for Black Friday. Definitely worth it for a new soft synth, synth upgrades, augmented voices and piano, etc.

    2. For $99 (if that is the price available to you for black friday) yes, it is worth it. Korg MS20, augmented strings, augmented voices, cs80 upgrade, prophet upgrade, others as well.

  1. The CS80V update is alone worth it all.It will not play your old patches, but it doesn’t overwrite your old version..

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