Strokes MIDI Sequencing Workstation Now Available For iPad

Developer John Howes let us know that Strokes – an all-in-one, cross platform sequencing workstation – is now available for iPad.

Strokes allows you to create entire arrangements, with endless variety and complex interactions between devices, either as a standalone application or from within a host such as AUM or Audiobus.

The sequencer features a collection of seven interconnected modules that interact with one another in real time:

  • Grids – 4 x channels of euclidean or step (XOX/TR) rhythm generators
  • Logic – 4 x channels of algorithmic rhythm generators
  • Matrix – 8 x synchronized per step/stroke parameter modulation sequencers
  • Weights – 4 x envelope followers
  • Shares – 4 x probability processors using markov chain pattern analysis
  • Notes – 7 x pitch presets for sequencing chords, melodies and kit changes
  • Patterns – 5 x device wide snapshots / presets

Pricing and Availability

Strokes is available now for iPad for $22.99 USD. A desktop version is available for Mac & Windows for £35.

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    1. i am not shure its vat, but there is no way to figure it out. i dont want to pay for the vst only to figure out it has the wrong price. and there is no way to contact john hoves ?

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