KORG Collection 4 Updated With microKorg, Electribe-R & Kaoss Pad

Korg today introduced Korg Collection 4, an updated version of its virtual instrument collection that adds software versions of the classic microKorg synthesizer, Electribe-R drum synth & Kaoss Pad effects processor.

The Korg Collection is now a synthesizer suite of 11 synthesizers, 2 effects processors, and 1 drum machine in total, including the famous M1, TRITON, and more.

Here’s what’s new in Korg Collection 4:

  • microKORG for Mac/Win fully recreates the sound, behavior, and look of the original “microKORG”. It reproduces not only the analog modeling oscillator, filter, and amp sections, but also the effects section and arpeggiator. The vocoder function, which was one of the main features of the original “microKORG,” has also been reproduced.
    Electribe-R for Mac/Win is based on the “iELECTRIBE for iPad” released in 2010, but has expanded the beat modes and effects of the step sequencer to include the original “ELECTRIBE-R” and “ELECTRIBE-R mkII” as well as all the preset data from the “iELECTRIBE for iPad” and “ELECTRIBE for iPhone”.
  • Kaoss Pad for Mac/Win brings the Kaoss pad effects processor to your DAW, maintaining the interface that prioritizes ease of use, with “touch pad control” at the forefront of the interface.

Korg Collection 4 Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

KORG Collection 4 is available now, with an intro discount of 50% off through November 30, 2022. See the Korg site for details and upgrade pricing.

22 thoughts on “KORG Collection 4 Updated With microKorg, Electribe-R & Kaoss Pad

  1. When a log in, with my Special Bundle (= collection 2 + Odyssey) , it shows a price of 199 for the upgrade . Stil a bit expensive for me, as I’m not all too big on Electribe and Kaoss anyways.

    1. Prophecy, miniKorg, Triton, Triton Extreme from V3
      mikroKORG, Kaoss Pad, Electribe from V4.

      So 4 cool synths + 1 drum machine + 1 effect from original manufacturer.

  2. Just checked it out…Probably going to skip this upgrade. These are my three least favourite Korg products – Did not like them back then, and do not really need them now. I hope they add the MS-2000 or perhaps the Poly 800 next.

  3. Upgraded. Disappointed. Bought Cherry Audio’s GX-80 yesterday. That was NO disappointment. If you don’t got it yet, put your money there instead of this update… ;*

  4. I can wait for the Modwave Native. It will have the Kaoss pad as part of it. I already have an MS2000 and have no use for Electribe. All of the instruments except the two current Native ones just received a free update, so I assume version 4 is what I am already running.

  5. Sorry guys for pushing for the GX-80 here, I get it. But… I’ve had the Korg bundle since it first came out and use them quite a bit, but this update was kind of… not so good? ;P Feels like ports from their iOS stuff and not as thought thru as their other stuff in the package. Imho!

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