Free Elektron Syntakt Update Adds Two New Machines

Elektron has released a free firmware upgrade for the Syntakt drum computer & synthesizer that adds two new machines, SY Swarm and SY Raw, and more.

Here’s what’s new in Syntakt 1.20:

  • Added new analog machine SY RAW.
  • Added new digital machine SY SWARM.
  • Added support for Sustain pedal (Sustain and Sostenuto) over MIDI.
  • Saving a song to a project now works the same as saving a pattern to a project. After using SAVE TO PROJ in the SONG menu, the song is saved without needing to save the project afterward. However, the project needs to be saved before switching to another project to retain the changes.
  • Improved the general performance of the device.

You can preview the updates with the video playlist embedded above.

3 thoughts on “Free Elektron Syntakt Update Adds Two New Machines

  1. I just have to leave a comment here to comment on the fact that there are no comments.

    2 juicy firmware updates in nearly as many months? Wow.

    Swarm absolutely rocks and raw is pretty much what the dual vco machine should’ve been.

    No questions about how they got square waves out of the analogue circuit? No complaints about the fact there’s no pwm? Just wow.

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