New Mac Synthesizer, Compusynth, Combines West Coast Synthesis With ’70s Computing

Developer Giorgio Sancristoforo has introduced Compusynth, a new software synth for Mac that combines a ‘West Coast’ style modular synthesizer with a sequencer inspired by one of the first microcomputers in history, the Altair880.

Compusynth features a ‘peculiar 128 bit sequencer’, oscillators, filters, efxs and processors with flexible routing and 1596 patch points.

“Compusynth can make weird experimental sounds as well as traditional fat synth sequences that will serve any music genre with its warm and deep tone,” notes Sancristoforo. “Compusynth has everything I ever dreamt about west coast modulars: enough resources to create tons of sounds with the addition of a large memory sequencer and a fantastic tape echo.”

Official audio and video demos are still to come at the developer’s site, but they shared a sneak preview via Facebook:

Pricing and Availability

Compusynth is available for Mac now for 19.50€. A demo is available as a free download.

A Windows version release is planned for Jan 2023.

6 thoughts on “New Mac Synthesizer, Compusynth, Combines West Coast Synthesis With ’70s Computing

  1. I downloaded it.
    In demo mode, it only runs for 10 minutes at a time. But, for me this is better than a week long trial.
    Kind of interesting…don’t quite understand it yet. I’ll play with it for a while and then decide on purchasing.

  2. as much as i appreciate the intentions behind this decision, i skip Sancristoforo’s instruments because they aren’t VSTs that can be work in a host DAW. i imagine i’m not unique in this regard. there’s so much brilliant design here but just one immense utility hurdle that keeps me from springing for these. that said, the prices are always shockingly low for such interesting and comprehensive bits of design.

    1. Yeah, I always like the stuff this guy does, and I know objectively I can route the audio from it to my DAW using a third party application, but it’s just annoying so I skip his programs as well.

  3. I use and love his stuff. Don’t really care it only runs standalone as I record most everything into Soundforge and then redump stuff into whatever DAW I am using. Have to say I had some issues with my MacBook Air installation and he answered my e-mail super fast and got me up and running. IMHO a brilliant man, very kind and took some of my suggestions for adding numerical input on some of the knob functions on another instrument of his. Instant buy.
    Also love his YouTube channel.

  4. It wouldn’t ? the same if it was a vst … t???? easy … part ov these things are the option to limit yieoursekd within the environment .: aye? really like that he’s confident enough to not compromise :.: soh aye? maybe it won’t ? in Jason mraz nee singol
    G??D artware… that’s what ?M gonna call ut

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