Moog Intros Knob Kit For Customizing Mavis, DFAM, Subharmonicon & Werkstatt Synths

Moog today introduced a new knob kit that lets you add knobs to their synths that use plain knurled pots.

The Moog Knob Kit For Knurled Pots features knobs that are designed to be a perfect fit for the 6mm diameter knurled pots commonly found on synthesizers. They feature an internal interface to lock the knob in place when assembled—without the need for a set screw.

They are designed to be small enough to preserve the readability of each instrument’s front panel, and are compatible with the Mavis, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Werkstatt-01, and many other Eurorack modules.

The Moog Knob Kit for Knurled Pots comes with 25 knobs in each package and is available now for $35 a package.

Creative Patching with Moog Semi-Modular Synths

Moog also released three new Demo Library videos that showcase the versatility of Moog’s semi-modular synthesizers when connected together.

Each video features Mavis, Moog’s 44HP Eurorack-compatible monosynth, alongside a member of the Mother ecosystem (Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon).

Mavis & Mother-32: This video explores the ways in which Mother-32 can enhance the functionality of Mavis’s wavefolder through the incorporation of Mother-32’s filter and VC mixer.

Mavis & DFAM: This video examines how DFAM’s dynamic approach to sequencing makes it particularly well-suited to being processed through Mavis’s wavefolder and filter in order to expand the tonal palette of DFAM.

Mavis & Subharmonicon: This video demonstrates how Mavis’s utility mixer and LFO can be used to bolster the sequencing capabilities of Subharmonicon.

21 thoughts on “Moog Intros Knob Kit For Customizing Mavis, DFAM, Subharmonicon & Werkstatt Synths

  1. These are actually kind of cool. The only other Moog style knobs for these synths are the Moog- like ones from places like Thonk UK that fit 6.35mm shafts and needs a spacer tube inside the knob in order for the set screw to work. They are wide enough that they obscure not just the position indicator gradations but some of the function text. They also have sharp upper edges that are not rounded like the normal Moog knobs and sell for about a dollar each, but almost everywhere has been out of stock for them for a long time.

    The Moog ones actually solve several issues and are not that much more expensive given that they appear to be a better design.

    Hopefully, they put these on new synths as standard without having to buy upgrades.

  2. This is a rather abusive. We’ll sell you a module with unpractical small knobs. Then for an extra sum, we’ll you the nicer knobs that you wish you had the first time. Seriously, Moog ?

    1. lmao this is a terrible take. these kinds of knobs are extremely common in eurorack world (often due to reasonable considerations of HP and cost saving) and Moog’s solution actually addresses several issues with the knob format for a reasonable cost. lol, get a grip Pete.

  3. How about they make sure those are already on the gear we buy and raise those salaries for the workers instead!

    Maybe a journalist can finally go deep into their finances and check how much disappears in the pockets at the top level. We’ve clearly been paying way too much for their products.

    1. Moog is a small private company with under 100 employees. I suspect they’re not making the millions of dollars in profit that you imagine. That said, they run as a for-profit enterprise, like every other synth manufacturer. I don’t see you protesting the lack of a union at Behringer’s Chinese factories.

      1. Moog is a populair brand, it sells synths among other things.
        Big or small has nothing to do with how much profit is being made. 😉

        1. where did you get that inside info about their finance? do you understand your assumptions about moog profits are based on nothing factual?

  4. The world could always use more knobs. All of different sizes and shapes. I’m all for it. Great idea!! Lots of good ideas start small and grow!

  5. I gave up on ‘little knobs on stick pots’ for moogs too close together. thonks trimmer tops work well for 20mm shaft, moogs are too short to accommodate them. sadly, you have to go to full size modular to get a UI worth having.

  6. Hmm. Typically when you put bigger knobs on things that weren’t designed for them you end up block the underlying writing / design. This might only be a good idea on paper.

  7. Sadly 25 knobs aren’t enough to cover both DFAM and SubH if you’ve got the 2, and then you’d have to buy 2 and have a lot of spare ones. They could at least have proposed a special DFAM+SubH pack as these are more likely to be bought for this combo.

      1. i use the subharmonicon on a daily basis, never felt the sequencer knobs are not practical. some people complained they want them bigger so they can now pay more for this upgrade. i don’t need that.
        do you even have one of this products?

  8. 1. These knobs are reasonably priced.
    2. It’s hard to find knobs that fit “knobless” potentiometer shafts. These are custom made.
    3. People who whine about optional knob kits being too expensive need a new hobby.

  9. I think the price is still reasonable, 35$ / 25 knobs = 1.40$ each.

    In my experience with electronic diy, the bare minimum for a knob is around 0.50 – 070, while most reasonably-priced products are between 1.00 and 1.70 and usally something pretty like classic “Moog style” knobs costs more than that. I often go for the cheapest avaible for my personal builds, but I can definitely feel the difference between when they between my fingers. This is why I think the knob kit price is reasonable, although I wish those knobs were factory installed from the beginning instead of being optional / aftermarket.

    I think I’ll have to buy one of those kits for my DFAM, as I really dislike the knurkled pots (I wish it had only proper knobs from the start).

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