Synthesized Sounds Of The Sea – The Audiovisual Album

Composer & synthesist Tomer Baruch shared this audiovisual album for Synthesized Sounds of the Sea, an album of electronic music dedicated to creatures of the ocean.

Dolphins and eels, jellyfish and starfish each get their own sonic palette in this musical exploration of marine life. Recorded using vintage and modern analog synthesizers, the album continues the popular web project Animals and Synthesizers, expanding the musical snippets from Instagram into full length tracks.


00:00 Hermit Crabs
01:16 Starfish
04:05 The Blanket Octopus
06:58 The Hairy Frogfish and the Finger Dragonet
08:11 Garden Eels
08:43 Eels
11:19 Dolphins
14:46 Sharks
15:03 The Cyanea Jellyfish
18:58 Planaria

7 thoughts on “Synthesized Sounds Of The Sea – The Audiovisual Album

  1. My mother told me that If I couldn’t say ANYTNING nice about somebody, I shouldn’t comment. Maybe now is a good time to heed that advice. 🙁

    1. and yet you still looking for attention.
      you rarely write something nice here so maybe you should use your mother advice more often? 🙂

      1. That is incorrect, sir (pardon me if I misgendered you). I have had a lot of very nice things to say about a lot of things here.

  2. I love the composer’s sense of texture. They did an excellent orchestration of adding a distinct layer for each visual element. The coolest part, composition wise, is adding in splashes of sound that follow a visual cue but don’t necessarily relate to any existing tempo, yet feels like it naturally fits, rhythmically.

  3. There is only one piece of electronic music that gives me the feeling of diving into the ocean, ‘JMJarre – En attendant Cousteau’.

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