Win A Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Synthesizer

Perfect Circuit has teamed up with German synthesist Hainbach to give away a Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field synthesizer – the latest version of the iconic portable synth workstation.

The contest is open to US Residents with a valid email address. See the contest page for details.

And what does Hainbach think about the OP-1 Field? Here’s what he has to say about it:

“I did not like the OP-1 Field at first glance. I traveled around the world with my ten year-old, battered original OP-1 and played it in countless shows, songs, and soundtracks. I used it like a Swiss Army knife – at home I have instruments that do each individual job better, but on the road the OP-1 is a wonderful combination of tools. It became one of my most important instruments. When the newest iteration came around it felt strange – I was very attached to my OP-1, so I did not want to give the Field a real chance. But when I took it with me on tour and travels over the past months, that changed.”

Check out the video to see how he’s using it now.

29 thoughts on “Win A Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Synthesizer

    1. This is a promotion put on by Perfect Circuit, and they don’t want to have to hire a lawyer to navigate the tax complexities of giving away an OP-1 to someone in Nigeria.

      You see a simple giveaway, the IRS sees a sweepstakes with taxable winnings.

        1. Perfect Circuit is in the USA. There are stupid laws around sweepstake taxes in the USA and shipping internationally is expensive.

          I’m not even from the US but I understand this.

        2. Are you aware that you have to be an international corporation to navigate the details of international law? Or that giveaways are subject to some of the strictest laws around the world?

          International giveaways are not legally feasible for small companies. Don’t blame this on Perfect Circuit – they’re just trying to give away a free synth.

    1. Actually well earned. He is oddly defensive about the most benign of questions. A user on Synthanatomy asked him a simple question about his relationship with another maker and whilst admitting a conflict of interest, he also went on a diatribe about having to make a living.

    2. how much “hate” would you allow? Is he an artist or a car salesman and how many serious artists get away with selling cars? So many more questions but the reality is, that singing on the op-1 with the piano music playing was grotesque. So i am leaning more towards the car salesman case…Btw when are we going to see that “supergroup” trio perform the op?

      1. Due to the ridiculously low royalties by streaming providers, the unwillingness of many listeners to buy recordings, and the two-year cancellation of live performances because of the pandemic, indie artists have to be creative to make ends meet. Without self-promotion and sponsorships, many niche musicians would not be able to continue their work. Calling an artist a “car salesman” for making a living is not only rude, but also very tone-deaf.

        1. I realise your comments were not directed at me per se, nor am I advocating “hate” which has become synonymous with criticism, whether it is valid or not, nor am even critical of the “giveaway”. I never participate in these sorts of promotions, nor am I offended by all self promotion. I was however commenting on the integrity of the “content” provider and his sensitivity to being questioned about his alignment with certain brands.

          Cheers to all and happy holidays.

        2. If you make a living by promoting equipment to other musicians, that’s fine, but then this entire part of your income is coming indirectly from those other musicians. The products that other musicians need are going to be slightly more expensive as a result, which means that they have to work even harder to earn their livings.

          So I think it is ok for people to ask for a bit of honesty from influencers, or whatever they want to ask for. Especially when it is all within a fairly small community.

          I mean, it’s great that niche musicians that are able to get by, but we should take note if that is because they that are indirected funded by their fellow musicians (who may or may not be more talented — no-one’s holding open auditions).

          For myself, I enjoy the demo vids that you and others do, and I like it when companies employ talented demo teams. It’s a turn-off for me, though, when I think someone is being even slightly sly about financial relationships.

  1. How entitled do you have to feel to be pitting country against country just because one shop is doing a giveaway with limited postage? Wow. Anyway, friend in the States? Got a VPN? Enter anyway 🙂

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