Free Software Synth, HYPHA, From Native Instruments

Native Instruments has released HYPHA, a new software instrument, as a free download.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Reignite your creative spark with 156 carefully curated presets of blossoming, acoustic-electric hybrids, all inspired by nature and designed to keep you creating well into the new year. Each sound is fully tweakable and enhanced with eight of KONTAKT 7’s studio-grade effects. You also get full access to a range of tuning systems, randomization options, and a unique mod wheel–based performance mode for creating full, lush chord progressions from single keypresses.”

Here’s the official walkthrough video:

In addition, NI is offering a two other deals: a limited time $25 discount on their software, and 50% off a selection of iZotope products.

See the Native Instruments site for details.

10 thoughts on “Free Software Synth, HYPHA, From Native Instruments

  1. as much as I do sincerely believe that NI has some brilliant sound designers and sound artists working on these recent instruments, it’s incredibly discouraging to see 95% of the company’s efforts sunk completely into Kontakt content production – a product i straight-up resent despite some of the great quality libraries. this direction is all the more disappointing as plenty of NI’s great instruments and devices are *still* not apple silicon native. it’s just embarrassing at this point.

    And HYPHA sounds *Good*! but still…

    1. Stopped supporting NI after K9, and when they made all my legacy purchases pretty much dead after a HD fail. In e-mail exchanges they actually had the nerve to ask why I would want to re-install software I had paid for. Looking back I always hated their stupid copy protection schemes. Dynamo was something I really used a lot but having to insert the Fing CD ever time was a pain in neck. Still use the newer stuff I bought and upgraded where needed but Kontakt is surpassed IMHO by much better options for my sonic needs.

  2. As others have said, it is disappointing to see NI focused on anything and everything other than innovating synths. All of these A/B sample players feel very “samey”. It is nice of them to offer this up for free. My comment is more aimed at their clear shift in development priorities, not on the freebie they have offered up here.

    1. Especially considering Massive X is like a handful of features away from being the best software synth out there, but in its current form is somewhat lacking. Seriously how can you have a wave table synth in 2022 without wave table editing or at least user uploadable ones?

      1. Agree, Massive sounds amazing, but badly needs some basic features, like animation of modulation (if I have an LFO wiggling a parameter, I want to see the knob moving… one of the best features of software synths is virtual motorized faders and knobs that would cost a fortune to implement in hardware).

  3. They are trying to get as much money as possible. Crazy to think people just keep upgrading Komplete for the crubs it provides from one to the next. I’ve been arturia all the way, for cost, User interface and all the great functionality that comes with each synth in the collection. And the FX are great and they aern’t scraping on the mardware side either. Mashine+ was DOA with, again, crumbs, to keep it looking alive but most probably ended up using it as an expensive Maschine MK4. Kiloheartz plugins and pigments are pretty high on my list right now and I own Komplete 13 and never use it, like at all since I just hate Kontakt as an interface and Komplete Kontrol is just a buzzkill. They are in a bare minimum slow decline right now but business is gonna business.

  4. And it only runs in Kontakt 7 (although it runs on the player version), which is an incentive to upgrade to the latest Kontakt.

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