Polyend Tracker Silver Limited Edition Now Available

Polyend has introduced the limited Polyend Tracker Silver Edition, a style variation that has the same functionality and features of the black tracker, but with a new look.


  • Full metal body
  • Silver brushed aluminum top, black bottom
  • Square, low profile keys
  • Equipped with latest v1.6 firmware

Pricing and Availability:

Polyend Tracker Silver Limited Edition is now available for $699 USD.

10 thoughts on “Polyend Tracker Silver Limited Edition Now Available

  1. I would like a special edition of the polyend play with 4 assignable 3.5mm stereo outs. clock in and out would be nice, too. There is room on the rear panel for all of it.

    I don’t care what color. Would happily pay over $1k.

    1. its a digital instrument so digital sync is actually better.
      its not about the back panel, seems the screen takes too much space

  2. Not going to buy this, but cool that companies are starting to use silver faceplates. I liken it if you your a black or silver SL-1200 sort of person.

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