Sinevibes Intros Vague Binaural Time Diffusion Processor

Sinevibes has introduced Vague, a binaural time diffusion processor for Mac & Windows.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“In its core, the signal travels through a virtual space comprised of 16 all-pass comb filter stages, with their delay times progressively increasing from start to end. The more stages the signal passes through, the more blurred and smeared it becomes, losing its definition and transient sharpness.

But Vague goes much further than this: it offers binaural expansion via alternating, stereo-opposed time offsets in the individual all-pass stages, which adds quite a unique, three-dimensional vibe. Another very special feature is the four output snapshots taken as the signal passes through the virtual space: smoothly crossfading between them not only changes the diffusion density, but also makes the timeline granulated.

Moreover, Vague can run multiple independent LFOs to modulate its main parameters, creating a wide variety of rich and charismatic effects: time diffusion and dimensional expansion, blurred unison, granular scrubbing, psychedelic reverberation, and much more.”


  • Diffused space made of 16 chained all-pass comb filters with smooth crossfade between four output snapshots
  • Unique binaural expansion implemented via alternating and stereo-opposing time offsets
  • Two-way pre-delay line, with an ability for the wet signal to precede the dry signal
  • Two main LFOs (sine wave) and four additional chaos LFOs (random triangle) enable intricate parameter modulation
  • Lag filters on all continuous parameters for smooth, click-free adjustment
  • Supports mono › mono, mono › stereo, and stereo › stereo channel configurations

Pricing and Availability:

Vague is available now for $29 USD.

16 thoughts on “Sinevibes Intros Vague Binaural Time Diffusion Processor

          1. Everyone feels like the main character these days. 90% of social media is now people proclaiming their view on things the don’t understand.

  1. I don’t buy a thing reflexively just because its shiny (mostly), but this one appeals to me. I feel invited to play it in real-time. I figure my presets will end up being more useful as a result. It presents like a piece of a modular synth, but as a stand-alone.

    Sinevibes plugs are worthwhile tools overall, so its an added pleasure to support people who offer them for modest prices.

  2. I upgraded my Sinevibes bundle for $20 to get this and think it’s cool. I really dig the Sinevibes plugins and am happy to support them as they release more.

  3. anyway! another interesting Sinevibes product. reminds me of the Drift plugin from Korg logue :0) love your stuff; use it all the time; keep up the innovative work!

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