Tiny House Still Has Room For Awesome Synth Studio

The latest episode of Tiny House Expedition features the Asheville, NC home of Christo Morehead – which may be tiny, but still has space for an awesome synth studio.

Morehead built his tiny home for about $80,000, by doing most of the work himself and making intelligent use of reclaimed wood and recycled materials in the interior. The result is a 460 square foot house that makes great use of space, is surprisingly luxurious and is dirt-cheap for any city, let alone Asheville.

Don’t miss details like the ADSR bar, and the scrap wood acoustic treatment in the studio.

Morehead has shared more details, along with more photos of his build, at The Small Home Center.

via Russell Hoffman

23 thoughts on “Tiny House Still Has Room For Awesome Synth Studio

  1. This thing is amazing, at so many different levels. I envy the guy’s building skills and creativity. What he did with his studio is making me totally rethink how I have things laid out currently in mine. I must have thought, “God, why didn’t I think of that”, about four times as he was describing it.

    1. Not sure if there’s a official cutoff for ‘tiny’, but this is a third the size of houses that the general public would consider ‘tiny’.

      1. watch a couple of seasons of ‘Tiny house nation’. this is more like a ‘house built out of four shipping containers without the shipping containers’ house. I do admit it looks nice though.

  2. That is not a tiny house. I have lived in houses that could fit inside that house. My apartment is half the size of that house. To me, tiny is garden shed, and I have seen studios in garden sheds.

    1. In Japan houses were made of sticks and paper, expected to be blown down or at least damaged by the frequent typhoons, to be rebuilt cheaply and easily. Form follow function.

  3. Anyone else like me too lazy for this but love to watch other people built cool stuff? 😛
    I really like how creative they get when they have limited their options.

    I don’t have the space for it unfortunately but I guess it must feel so liberating when you’re able to built your own custom furniture/house etc.

    1. $200/sf would be at the low end for Asheville and at the higher end of average for the country as a whole. Really expensive is more like $400/sf.

      The house has has a high-end interior finish, which would push the cost up. From my perspective, though, the weird stairs keep the house from having a high-end feel.

      1. Considering he spent $26.000 for the land (which by the way is not only of the size of the house, but pretty much bigger), for a total of $106.000 (inclusive as I understand of everything: vent systems, septic installation, electric system, etc), considering is so to speak a big tiny house, with a full kitchen, a full and decent size bath and separate living spaces such as the bedroom and studio, no, I would absolutely not say that is expensive! I leave in Florida and there’s no way you can find nowdays such a living space for that amount of money. I believe that generally speaking, in all States we can say the same.

  4. I LOVE this!!!! I think it is the BEST tiny house I have ever viewed!!! If he decided to build this exact design he could sell MANY!!!!!

    1. The International Residential Code requires that houses must be built on a minimum of 320 square feet. But many areas require houses to be at least 1,000 sf or more.

      Where I live, the minimum is 1,100 sf, plus a garage.

      Most people would consider houses of that size small. If you need a variance to build something smaller, that’s definitely getting into the tiny range.

  5. This is truly amazing. I love the earth features- the warmth it provides. I would hire you to make me one of these beautiful creations. I appreciate your eye to detail and especially respect your organization of items. Brilliant!

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