Behringer PRO-800 First Audio Demos

Behringer shared this audio demo of their upcoming Pro-800 synthesizer, a new Euro-format synth module that’s essentially an 8-voice take on the Sequential Prophet-600 synth engine.

Here’s what they shared about the technical details of the recording:

“All sounds recorded are from the PRO-800 recorded directly into a DAW. The MONOPOLY is purely acting as a controller only.

Basic delays and a small amount of reverb has been added.”

Pricing and Availability

The Behringer PRO-800 synthesizer is expected to be available in April 2023, priced at $599 USD

23 thoughts on “Behringer PRO-800 First Audio Demos

  1. It sounds about as much like my old Prophet-600s as YouTube and my faulty memory will allow. Sequential isn’t likely to re-release the 600, so this thing almost feels like the 600 did back when a Prophet-5 was out of reach. The Take 5 is about as budget as they’re likely to go now, so this will probably fill a need for newbies, Euro-rackers and the not-so-well-heeled.

  2. Currently, I own only one of the Behringer Euro-sized modules (Model D). However, what I do like about them is the potential to mount them vertically in a multi-level wooden rack (of which I have seen some pretty attractive 3-teir units available). Given that I will most definitely purchase a Solina if and when they ever release it, going vertical with these modules may be a way to consolidate desk space. In the last iteration of my studio I did exactly that with three Roland modules, and that was very effective. Now, for $600 this Pro-800 seems like it might be a nice addition as a provider of bread n’ butter poly analog sounds. Also, I kind of like the way it is laid out (although I could probably do without the membrane switches). So, I think that there may be an additional market to those Dave mentioned … people with developed studios that can afford to add new and replaceable toys.

      1. I’m sorry. My wife was shouting something at me just as I was finishing the comment above. Again, I submitted the comment without clicking the “follow” button. I still feel that this is an arcane way of doing this. While I understand that those check boxes are there to cut down on unwanted email, I would much prefer an op-in solution, and be allowed to accept the consequence of receiving more Synthopia comments than I might want. The other problem with the current system is that once you fail to check the box, you may never see an important comment about a post that you ignored because it didn’t ring as something you might be interested in initially.

        1. this website seems to tickle weird places in my ad blocker; some ads block, but not others; the ‘Like’ button doesn’t render, instead it just says ‘loading…’; and I can’t resize the text on this one ipad – the only one i use – on only this website. lol. too bad, because unlike all the other sites, this one leans more towards artists rather than gear heads only. and I like many of the performances synthhead posts. more of that please! less UDO’s and OB-X reviews. *snerk* actually… reviews are the worst im-not-altogether-ho.

      1. i was tending toward this, but 80HP of mutables – even clones – tickles my so-called fancy all the more delightfully. I could put another Elements and three resonators to use easily. but I can see the attraction to many for this. The only Poly I play anymore is my Prologue – and love it!

  3. I purchased a 600 for $600 a very long time ago. I did like the sound but hated the key membrane switches. i think it would of been a lot more popular if the used the same keypad as the Six Trak…..Yes I did own two Six Traks.

  4. Well for the money you can’t really go wrong. If Sequential had done something broadly similar in this price bracket or even close to it an argument could be made to support something else but as it stands I think this will be hugely successful. It’s also good to note that this isn’t a clone of a currently available product so it’s not as controversial as some of their other releases.

  5. I have 2 Prophet 600s. I bought one for $450, and the guy I bought it from gave me the second for free. Both had different issues, but nothing Wine Country couldn’t fix. So, I guess I got two working 600s for $1000 at the end of the day. They both sound significantly different from each other within a certain threshold. Considering this, and to my ears, this synth is ballpark, but sounds more modern and a lot brighter. That said, I think it will be useful to many if they want a straightforward synth. I do wish Sequential would return to the $600 price bracket. The Evolver was way more interesting.

  6. Not using much my hardware synths anymore – they just gathering dust in my garage but, this might be just enough to sway me towards using one again πŸ˜‰
    Well done Behringer

    1. Who wants a 40 year old synth for more $$$ and less features (including two less voices) and questionable reliability (with expensive repairs if / when needed) and no warranty when they can have this new with warranty for $600.

      1. fixing the original is not big deal, you can also upgrade it with new parts and features. and anyway, it’s not like “beringer name is synonymous to reliability” it is still a very cheaply build mass produced knockoff. the original sounds exactly like the original, so that’s a bonus πŸ™‚ looks much better and it’s price will just go up, this one will sell for half the price after a year or so.
        and if its not supporting beringer, for me that’s a bonus too.

        1. “Fixing the original is not a big deal…” Really? How much $$$ is not a big deal?

          “…if its not supporting beringer, for me that’s a bonus too.” Ah, there it is.

          1. not much if any and will still outlast this. even a new membrane switch pad s061 cost 50$ brand new. so really no reason to compromise on this cheaply build version.

              1. it is what it is, a cheaply build version from the same line of the other cheaply build rack synths.
                beringer don’t try to say its not so why are you? are you trying to protect your decision/investment buying into it?
                be proud that it is so “cheap” but feels and look great and give you whatever you need, you better than all of us suckers πŸ™‚

  7. I like the sound and price (if not the retro membrane keypad). Reminds me of the terrific use I’ve gotten from my Prophet ’08 – though the P’08 uses DCOs and adds a step sequencer, nice modulation matrix with four LFOs, and polyphonic aftertouch via MIDI, and probably other stuff – but the Pro-800 sounds nice, especially the unison. Cross modulation is also a nice feature.

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