New Sound Library For 5th Anniversary Of The Korg Prologue

To celebrate the Korg Prologue’s 5th anniversary, Ultimate Patches has released Korg Prologue 2023 Ultimate Patches.

They say that it’s the most comprehensive sound library for the Prologue since the synth’s introduction in 2018.

Here’s what they have to say about it

“The set includes vintage analog and futuristic digital sounds, as well as traditional non-synth instruments including acoustic / electric pianos, B3 / Vox organs, acoustic / electric guitars & basses, orchestral instruments, 80s percussion and more.

This large collection spans the genres of classic and modern pop + rock, synthwave, cinematic, orchestral, latin, futurestep, vintage and modern hip hop, country, reggae, jazz, trap, chiptune, 70s soul, country, dubstep, reggaeton, deep house, trance, techno, tech house, experimental, modular and retrocade.”

Pricing & Availability:

Korg Prologue 2023 Ultimate Patches is available now for $14.99 per Volume (111 Ultimate Patches) or $29.99 for all 3 volumes (333 Ultimate Patches). A selection of free patches from the collection are also available to download (no registration required).

6 thoughts on “New Sound Library For 5th Anniversary Of The Korg Prologue

  1. Been thinking about buying this for awhile now. Sold my JP-8000 so have the space. Almost pulled the trigger last year… but think I am finally just going to go for it.

  2. I was never a big Korg analog fan, so I kind of dismissed the Prologue when it came out. However, I have recently been hearing more and more examples of sounds from this thing and, if I had room for even the 8-voice 49-key version, I would probably get one. The architecture appears to be flexible so as to allow quite a bit of expansion. I think Korg did pretty well with this one. Lately, I’ve been recommending looking at it to my students who are interested in getting started with their first synthesizer that they can grow with.

  3. i love my prologue. never listened to the factory patches; worked from 500 on down instead. the digital part is wild to program for. never giving this baby up; it’s a beaut.

  4. I wonder how they get the Grand Piano sound (1 min 35 secs) — it says no custom digital oscillator installed. Sounds like like there’s some very good programming on this.

  5. Korg *logue community sound designers never cease to amaze me… so many oscillators and sounds designed for these machines… probably one of the most prolific ecosystem

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