Everything But The Girl Back After 24 Years With ‘Nothing Left To Lose’

Everything But The Girl shared the music video for Nothing Left To Lose, from their upcoming album Fuse.

Fuse is scheduled to be released April 21st, and is Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn’s first release since 1999’s Temperamental.

Nothing Left To Lose musically and thematically recalls their biggest hit, Missing, which spent 55 weeks on the Billboard charts in a house remix by Todd Terry.

10 thoughts on “Everything But The Girl Back After 24 Years With ‘Nothing Left To Lose’

  1. After 24 years the track feels a little empty imo. I hope the albums offers a bit more than this.
    I’ll bet that kids will love the clip though (for which its probably made).

  2. @Champ
    Yeah… I (sadly) agree with you… I always liked EBTG from waaaay back… their jangly guitar albums (eg. Love Not Money) were just great (especially ‘Are You trying To be Funny?’) and when they turned into a synth/tech band, their music just got so much better… I’m just not getting that rush after listening to this new song… Tracy Thorn’s vocals always sounded exotic but you can hear that it’s not a young(ish) voice anymore… it might be a case of ‘once more with feeling’ so I really hope the rest of the album is worth the 24 year wait.

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