The Richie Hawtin PhD Scholarship Offers A Full Ride To Being ‘Dr Techno’

Richie Hawtin
Richie Hawtin

The Department of Music and Design Arts at the University of Huddersfield has announced a call for applications for The Richie Hawtin PhD Scholarship in electronic music, cultures and production.

The scholarship is open to new UK, EU and International PhD students, who are engaged in research on any subject related to electronic music cultures or production, including studies on electronic dance music or club cultures.

Relevant topics might include but are not limited to:

  • popular electronic music cultures;
  • creative practice involving composition or production;
  • festival and events cultures, clubbing, raving, and socio-sonic aesthetics;
  • ethnographies;
  • audiences and listeners;
  • DJ cultures and electronic music performance;
  • a focus on a specific electronic music subcultures, scenes, movements, genres or artists;
  • techno, as well as other genres such as psytrance, house, hip hop, dubstep, drum’n’bass, hardcore, industrial, ambient, chillout, electronica, or other forms;
  • trends in electronic music production business and marketing;
  • other business and legal aspects including copyright and royalties;
  • music and dance, trance, altered states of consciousness, liminality and entrainment;
  • societal aspects of electronic music cultures, such as inequalities (gender, race, geography) and other ethical concerns (labour unions, ecology and nature).

The successful candidate can expect:

  • Full waiver of tuition fees.
  • Automatic consideration, for appropriate research projects, for the Creative Music Production Scholarship and/or the Nitin Sawhney Scholarship in Popular Music (both of which provide an annual stipend of £17,668 in addition to a fee-waiver).
  • Full-time PhD study for three years beginning in September 2023.
  • Supervision from internationally renowned staff, including, if appropriate to the subject of the research project, some tutorial support from Richie Hawtin.
  • Opportunities for creative production work, collaborative projects, publication, and the expec-tation to gain teaching experience.
  • Access to the Teaching Assistant Preparation Programme (TAPP), which can lead to the qualifi-cation of Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA).
  • Access to additional financial support through the Postgraduate Support Fund of the School of Arts and Humanities.
  • If not successful, consideration for a partial fee-waiver or full-fee study.

See the University site for details.

25 thoughts on “The Richie Hawtin PhD Scholarship Offers A Full Ride To Being ‘Dr Techno’

    1. He had this haircut for decades. We all had it in the 00s, and I believe we copied Richie rather than Zorg 😀

            1. Meh. Apples and oranges.
              Apples are usually red, yellow or green. Orange is…
              Oh that’s right. Sorry, but at least you have a cat that sings.

      1. He was working as Plastikman in the early 90s; 5th Element came out at the end of the 90s.

        At some level, his look may have influenced 5th Element’s idea of the future, like punk rock influence Blade Runner’s view of the fuure 10 years earlier.

          1. “tbh, did not like his stuff at all.”

            To be real – your opinion of somebody’s music is irrelevant to whether or not they are important and influential.

  1. in the future your cab driver has interesting stories to tell.
    “Did you know I have a PHD in techno?”.
    what was your doctoral thesis about?
    XTC and boom zack music?

    1. that was 30 years ago.
      now he is living on past fame.
      Sven got his museum in Frankfurt and Richie now gets pseudo accademic.
      pfff, absurd

  2. “Relevant topics might include but are not limited to:”
    so maybe we talk about this, maybe we dont,
    maybe all of this is crap and we do something else

    lol, they aren’t even sure what they want to teach
    what is this?
    techno courses at the clown university of philosophy?

    1. That’s not how phds work. You can do it on anything, they’re just suggesting themes that would be relevant to the scholarship. You have to think up your own project and see I through like a book- it’s not a list of what to they are going to teach you.

      1. I was looking at other liberal arts,
        its, major subjects are these bum bum bum, minor subjects are these bum bum bum.
        they can give you an outlook of what to expect.

        I can’t make head or tail out of this.

        1. and I can’t figure out either why you would choose to become Dr. Techno
          why not pick philosophy or something decent like computer science instead? 😉

          1. You will come across man things you don’t understand. That’s okay!

            Thank goodness there are those in our world that are exploring new ideas and not paying attention to conventional thinking and silly boundaries.

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