Rhodes Intros V8 Virtual Instrument, A ‘Deeply-Sampled and Modeled’ Rhodes MK8

Rhodes has introduced Rhodes V8 Plugin, the first official Rhodes plugin, featuring a “faithful deeply sampled and modeled recreation’ of their MK8.

V8 is a virtual instrument based on their recently introduced Rhodes V8 electric piano. The V8 plugin is based on over 30k samples and uses over 100 velocity layers.

The first video, embedded above, offers a deep overview of V8. The second video, below, covers the advanced features:

Pricing and Availability:

The Rhodes V8 plugin will be priced at £149.95, with the Pro version at £249.95.

Unfortunately, details on Rhodes MK8 appear to be missing in action on the company’s site. Instead, the company wants you to sign up for a trial download and to enter into a contest.

10 thoughts on “Rhodes Intros V8 Virtual Instrument, A ‘Deeply-Sampled and Modeled’ Rhodes MK8

  1. That seems like a very fair price, considering that it comes from the proverbial horse’s mouth. I’m sure it’ll be easy to appreciate. How much better it might be when contrasted with all of the others in the field remains to be seen. Not being a purist, I’m happy with my ten other Rhodes sources.

  2. It will be interesting to see how this does commercially, given the number of excellent Rhodes sample librtaries there are out there, and also Pianoteq.

  3. wanted to hear the sound of the plugin but only heard a guy talking through the whole thing. oh well, back to the 1000 other Rhodes libraries i have. 😉

  4. I love the Rhodes sound (especially for complex chords) and use it often for compositional sketching. I think my Rhodes itch is sufficiently scratched by Pianoteq and a few lovely-yet-inexpensive libraries from Purgatory Creek. AAS Lounge Lizard seems pretty impressive, too.

    For gigging professional keyboardists who love Rhodes sounds, this V8 is probably a no-brainer, and not because of all the FX and added doo-dads, but because of the deep sampling (and 100 velocity layers). There are some aspects of a real rhodes pertaining to repeated notes– i.e., a hammer hitting an already vibrating tine that behave in ways not easily replicated in samples or even modeling, I wonder if this VI replicates that weird behavior?

  5. I spent four hours last night A/B’ing the V8 to my very real Mk1 Stage 73 Dyno Rhodes, specifically comparing “their” Dyno preset to the real thing. Initial reaction put aside, I began programming the MK8 to bring it closer. Bottom lines: the MK8 is extremely capable, has incredible depth to it’s programmability. Far better than anything else out there. Once I got my mind around all the functions and capabilities, I began getting the sound where it needed to be, as well as getting the velocity and playability dialed in. Got totally inspired and lost in the sound for hours… and for me that’s the real test. Does it inspire? Hell yes. Excellent! While I got the V8 to where is was the best alternative to a real Rhodes I’ve ever heard or played… going back to the real Dyno, well, night and day in terms of dynamic range and expression… then again, this is expected. I love the Bosendorfer sample library in my Nord Stage but when I go play a real Bosendorfer, well, you know… night and day.

    1. 21.4 GB is what I’d expect from 100 velocity layers, every key sampled, and full-length sustains, pluse releases (release velocities?), and no fudging. Does seem stupid to not be able to move off your internal drive. Perhaps with an alias?

      Contact them. They might be able to guide you or to create an update.

  6. i do think it’s smart for their company to have this though, it can continually generate income over time with very little overhead, and like Moog, releasing plugins disarms the complaints about accessibility which is good PR. do i want the real V8? of course, but i’m good on Rhodes libs, if i find myself needing another i’ll totally check this out.

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